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Days Like this

Joy Allen

Joy looks back to 1997

Joy Allen

"I am not usually afraid of flying, but I was afraid of this flight, because I knew what was going to happen at the other end."

The Story

Joy explains how her apprehension in getting her own Harley Davidson changed to a sense of jubilation. Joy passionately and vividly describes her thoughts, feelings and emotions as she got up on her Motorcycle for the first time...

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My View

Joy Allen is a 40-something biker, who likes to work hard and play hard.

She is a graduate in Business Studies, with a Masters Degree in Executive Leadership. When wearing a suit, Joy runs her own successful business. She delivers training on governance, leadership and management issues. She is also a Non-Executive Director of the Belfast Health & Social Care Trust. That role also involves sitting on the Adoption Panel, which she has done since 2003.

At weekends there comes a remarkable transformation. The sharp business suit is hung up, the black leathers go on, the garage door lifts, and Joy rides out on her beautiful black Harley Davidson, a 1450cc 'Heritage Softail'. She will meet up with friends for 'ride-outs' and sometimes ride further afield to the various Harley rallies around the UK.

Joy recommends a motorcycle to anyone as a way of reducing stress - 'When you're riding on the open road, you have to be so focussed on staying alive that you can't think of anything else - any other worries just fly away!'


Mary Stake
11th August 2008
Just found your site and listened bout you first getting that Harley. I'm an 'older' woman rider with the same exact bike. I could completely relate when you said you couldn't wave cause you were concentrating so hard on riding. That was like my early experiences on the bike as well. I live in Central California (near Sequoia Nat'l Park) and if you ever visit these parts you have a Heritage Softail to ride! Great story!

Peter Graham
Date: 11th January 2008
Comment: Joy-it was great to hear your voice on the radio. It is quite some time since my youth enterprise days with YES.
I am retired now and for my 60th birthday bought myself an HD Roadster which I am thoroughly enjoying. Your story replicated exactly my own early experience with my Harley. Best wishes

Date: 4th January 08
Comment: Totally KEWL!
Luv ur story almost as much as ur Hog.

Murdo Murray
Date: 4th January 08
Comment: Joy - you must bring your Harley Davidson with you the next time you visit North Belfast Partnership! One complaint about your story - surely you could have got your bike in Glasgow. I'm inspired to get back on to my push-bike!

Patricia Buller
Date: 4th September 07
Comment: I absolutely loved Joy Allen's story about purchasing her Harley Davidson.  The build up and the excitement and delight she experienced was so evident in her delivery.  It was wonderful to share in her precious memory.  My brother has owned a Harley Davidson for more than a decade and he continues to treasure it so I understand perfectly 'the love' Joy holds for her Harley.

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