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Monday 03 September 2007

"We were in California, in Berkeley, which at this stage was called 'Bezerkley' after the flower people got there!"

Tuesday 04 September 2007

"My whole system was shutting down, that's the best way to put it."

Wednesday 05 September 2007

"Over the years with the troubles we really came through some awful days, but the Northern Ireland sense of humour was always there..."

Thursday 06 September 2007

"The crowd got behind me as I was the small guy; they treated me like the underdog."

Friday 07 September 2007

"I could have walked on past, I could have said nothing"

Monday 10 September 2007

"I could feel the tears stinging in my eyes, I came level with him, and I thought to myself 'I am not going to let him get away with that!'"

Tuesday 11 September 2007

"Unless there is a logical explanation for it, I don't want to know about these things - but that day sure scared me."

Wednesday 12 September 2007

"I felt like a square peg in a round hole. I was unhappy there."

Thursday 13 September 2007

"This could be the most marvellous gift I could ever have on my birthday"

Friday 14 September 2007

"He thought I was like a snowman. 'Where on earth did you come out of?' He said: 'I've never seen you looking as white!'. "

Monday 17 September 2007

"I look back on that day as the most important day of my childhood"

Tuesday 18 September 2007

"Family is so important and your own family is so special to you"

Wednesday 19 September 2007

"And just at that, the door opened and it seemed that I was actually in the water"

Thursday 20 September 2007

"It was like my first day at school. It was so frightening... but I was glowing inside. I would be able to feel normal again"

Friday 21 September 2007

"The excitement! One of the top managers in the football world and I'm going to meet him!"

Monday 24 September 2007

"I was 42 years of age and everything I owned fitted into a carrier bag. I knew that things would either change, or I would die"

Tuesday 25 September 2007

"The excitement was building in both of us because we knew what was going to happen in the next 45 minutes"

Wednesday 26 September 2007

"It's got to be here somewhere.. it has to be here. It isn't though - but it really must be!"

Thursday 27 September 2007

"There it was. A whole cow. Hoofs, tail, eyes, everything, just hanging on a chain."

Friday 28 September 2007

"I was lonely then. I remember my mother waving a white hankie. I watched that white hankie until I couldn't see it any more"

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