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16 October 2014

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Pedigree pooch Cumberland lived with Granny Frannie who spoilt him to death and spent every last penny on him.

pic 2
When Granny Frannie died, her house, beloved dog and vast debt was left to her estranged grandson: Colin.

pic 3
Colin seizes on his inheritance, but his legacy is not what he'd hoped:

pic 4
The house is crumbling, the dog is hostile and the bills ...! To make things worse, most of them are doggy-related.

pic 5
Colin needs a job fast. Hearing of a vacancy at the local radio station he appies, dragging Cumberland with him.

pic 6
The interview's a success and Colin is left to his first broadcast. There's a catch: the slot's in Irish and Colin doesn't speak the language.

pic 7
There's one thing to do: sell the house and send Cumberland to the dogs' home... leaving, he's stopped in his tracks ...

pic 8
A mellifluous voice greets the listeners in Irish. Colin turns to see - Cumberland can speak Irish!

pic 9
They can survive: but they need each other. Cumberland is Colin's interpreter and radio voice, while Colin is Cumberland's meal ticket. But life is never going to be a smooth ride!

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