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16 October 2014

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Bullseye! Challenged to a game of darts, Colin finds himself in trouble. Need to know your numbers, Colin!

download the audioNumbers (mp3)

1a haon
2a dó
3a trí
4a ceathair
5a cúig
6a sé
7a seacht
8a hocht
9a naoi
10a deich
11a haon déag
12a dó dhéag
13a trí déag
14a ceathair déag
15a cúig déag
16a sé déag
17a seacht déag
18a hocht déag
19a naoi déag
21fiche a haon
22fiche a dó
23fiche a trí
24fiche a ceathair
25fiche a cúig
26fiche a sé
27fiche a seacht
28fiche a hocht
29fiche a naoi
31tríocha a haon
32tríocha a dó
33tríocha a trí
34tríocha a ceathair
35tríocha a cúig
36tríocha a sé
37tríocha a seacht
38tríocha a hocht
39tríocha a naoi
41ceathracha a haon
42ceathracha a dó
43ceathracha a trí
44ceathracha a ceathair
45ceathracha a cúig
46ceathracha a sé
47ceathracha a seacht
48ceathracha a hocht
49ceathracha a naoi

footnotes20 = "fiche" but you'll also hear "scór"

40 = "ceathracha" but some people like to use "daichead" for 40. Colin prefers "ceathracha" because it reminds him of the Irish for 4.

41 Daichead a haon
42 Daichead a dó
43 Daichead a trí
44 Daichead a ceathair
45 Daichead a cúig
46 Daichead a sé
47 Daichead a seacht
48 Daichead a hocht
49 Daichead a naoi

50 = "caoga" Some people use "leathchéad", literally meaning half ("leath") of a hundred ("céad"), which is of course, 50!

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