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16 October 2014

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How many have you got?
To Colin's horror, Cumberland has volunteered him for the TV game show 'How many have you got?' Will his lack of language knowledge be exposed in front of all on national TV? Does he know how many he has?

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How many do you have?Cé mhéad atá agat?
I've got a pencil Tá peann luaidhe agam
I've got a bookTá leabhar agam
I've got a dogTá madadh agam
I've got a catTá cat agam
I've got a car Tá carr agam
I've got money Tá airgead agam
I've got a match Tá cipín solais agam
I've got wineTá fíon agam
I've got paperTá páipéar agam
I've got a computerTá ríomhaire agam
I've got a phoneTá guthán agam
I've got a drinkTá deoch agam
I've got a tableTá tábla agam
I've got a pintTá pionta agam

download the audioI've got ... (mp3)

I've got two pencils Tá dhá pheann luaidhe agam
I've got two books Tá dhá leabhar agam
I've got two cars Tá dhá charr agam
I've got two computers Tá dhá ríomhaire agam
I've got two tablesTá dhá thábla agam
I've got three dogsTá trí mhadadh agam
I've got three cats Tá trí chat agam
I've got three pints Tá trí phionta agam
I've got three phonesTá trí ghuthán agam
I've got three forksTá trí fhorc agam
I've got four matches Tá ceithre chipín solais agam
I've got four drinksTá ceithre dheoch agam
I've got four glasses of wine Tá ceithre ghloine fíona agam
I've got four papersTá ceithre pháipéar agam

footnotes Numbers 1-6 dunk a "h" after the first letter
Numbers 7-10 affect the very start of the first letter (See "An Béal Bocht" section in the Little Black Book over in the left hand navigation for more on pronunciation)

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