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16 October 2014

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Clothes and Colour
To Colin's horror, he's unintentionally volunteered for a community care programme. He's up to his ears in Betty's underwear, sorting washing and helping her dress. How will he get his head round all these items!

download the audioClothes (mp3)


download the audioWhite Clothes (mp3)

white knickersfo-éadaí bána
white shirtléine bhán
white jumpergeansaí bán
white bracíochbheart bán
white blouseblús bán
white hathata bán
white socksstocaí bána
white gloves miotóga bána
white trousersbrístí bána
white coatcóta bán
white skirtsciorta bán
white dressgúna bán
white scarf scairf bhán
white T-shirtT-léine bhán

download the audioRed Clothes (mp3)

red knickersfo-éadaí dearga
red shirtléine dhearg
red jumper geansaí dearg
red bracíochbheart dearg
red blouseblús dearg
red hat hata dearg
red socksstocaí dearga
red glovesmiotóga dearga
red trousersbrístí dearga
red coatcóta dearg
red skirtsciorta dearg
red dressgúna dearg
red scarf scairf dhearg
red T-shirtT-léine dhearg

download the audioGreen Clothes (mp3)

green knickersfo-éadaí glasa
green shirtléine ghlas
green jumpergeansaí glas
green bracíochbheart glas
green blouseblús glas
green hat hata glas
green socksstocaí glasa
green glovesmiotóga glasa
green trousers brístí glasa
green coatcóta glas
green skirtsciorta glas
green dressgúna glas
green scarfscairf ghlas
green T-shirtT-léine ghlas

download the audioYellow Clothes (mp3)

yellow knickersfo-éadaí buí
yellow shirtléine bhuí
yellow jumpergeansaí buí
yellow bracíochbheart buí
yellow blouseblús buí
yellow hathata buí
yellow socksstocaí buí
yellow glovesmiotóga buí
yellow trousersbrístí buí
yellow coatcóta buí
yellow skirtsciorta buí
yellow dressgúna buí
yellow scarfscairf bhuí
yellow T-shirtT-léine bhuí

download the audioBlack Clothes (mp3)

black knickersfo-éadaí dubha
black shirtléine dhubh
black jumpergeansaí dubh
black bracíochbheart dubh
black blouseblús dubh
black hathata dubh
black socksstocaí dubha
black glovesmiotóga dubha
black trousersbrístí dubha
black coatcóta dubh
black skirtsciorta dubh
black dressgúna dubh
black scarfscairf dhubh
black T-shirtT-léine dhubh

footnotes In Donegal, you might hear "culaith" (pronounced ku-lee), instead of "gúna" (=dress) but elsewhere "culaith" means 'a suit'.

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