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13 July 2014
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Alibi - Where were you?
Colin, sneaking in after a night on the tiles, finds himself the subject of Betty's torch-lit interrogation! Colin finds himself stuck for words, here are some of his answers.

download the audioWhere were you? (mp3)
Where were you at eleven o'clock last night?Cá háit a raibh tú ar a haon déag a chlog aréir?
I was at a partyBhí mé ag cóisir
I was at a danceBhí mé ag damhsa
I was at a concertBhí mé ag ceolchoirm
I was eating a curryBhí mé ag ithe curaí
I was readingBhí mé ag léamh
I was in the town hall Bhí mé i halla an bhaile
I was in bedBhí mé i mo luí
I was watching TVBhí mé ag amharc ar an teilifís
I was at workBhí mé san obair
I was in the toilet Bhí mé sa leithreas
I was dancing in the toilet Bhí mé ag damhsa sa leithreas
I was having my breakfastBhí mé ag ithe mo bhricfeasta
I was getting drunkBhí mé ar an ól
I was with MervBhí mé le Merv
I was with a ladyBhí mé le bean
I was in the park with Merv (Máirtín)Bhí mé sa pháirc le Máirtín
I was with Merv (Máirtín)Bhí mé le Máirtín

download the audioWho were you with? (mp3)
Who were you with?Cé a bhí leat?
I was in the pub with friendsBhí mé sa teach tábhairne le cairde
I was in the park with CumberlandBhí mé sa pháirc le Cumberland
I was in bed, aloneBhí mé i mo luí, liom féin
I was dancing with the girls.Bhí mé ag damhsa leis na cailíní
I was playing football with my friendsBhí mé ag imirt peile le mo chairde
I was going home with my dogBhí mé ag dul abhaile le mo mhadadh
I was having dinner aloneBhí mé ag ithe mo dhinnéir liom féin
I was playing cards with the boysBhí mé ag imirt cártaí leis na buachaillí
I was in a restaurant with a ladyBhí mé i mbialann le bean
I was in the toilet, aloneBhí mé sa leithreas, liom féin
I was having breakfast with Dave (Dáithí)Bhí mé ag ithe mo bhricfeasta le Dáithí (Dave)
I was getting drunk with friendsBhí mé ar an ól le mo chairde
I was at yoga with MervBhí mé ag geoga le Merv (Máirtín)
I was on a date with a ladyBhí mé amuigh le bean
I was watching a film with CumberlandBhí mé ag amharc ar scannán le Cumberland

footnotes "sa" (= in the) affects the next word and dunks a "h" after the first letter.
e.g. "bosca" (=a box) but "sa bhosca" (=in the box) / "sa pháirc" (=in the park)

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