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16 October 2014
Colin and Cumberland, fun stuffColin and Cumberland, help

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Get personal - get a C&C screensaver.

Colin and Cumberland screensaver
Colin and Cumberland
Download (2MB)
PC / Mac
Colin and Cumberland group screensaver
All the Usual Suspects
Download (2MB)
PC / Mac

pc instructions

1. You will need to download the colinandcumberland1.exe or colinandcumberland2.exe file. When the File Download box appears click on "Save this programme to disk" - don't forget which folder you saved it in!

2. Using file manager or Windows Explorer, find the saved copy of the file and open it up by double clicking on it. The file will then install itself onto your hard disk.

3. Once installation is complete, it should become your default screensaver.

mac instructions

1. Download the colinandcumberland1.sitx or colinandcumberland2.sitx file to your desktop. You'll need a program such as Stuffit Expander to decompress the screensaver file before it can be used (your browser may decompress the file for you automatically).

2. Once the screensaver is decompressed, an installation file with a 'Colin and Cumberland Icon' should appear on your desktop. Double click on this (if the screensaver installation hasn't started automatically).

3. When completed, the installation will then launch the 'Screensaver Option' in your Mac's 'System Preferences' to allow you to control 'Start time' and 'Playback Size'.

Disclaimer: The BBC has taken all reasonable care to ensure the Colin and Cumberland Screensavers contain no errors, viruses or defects, however, the BBC does not warrant that this is the case. You are advised to ensure that you take precautions to protect your computer from virus infection. The BBC will not be liable for any loss or damage which you may suffer as a result of or connected to the use of the software.


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