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16 October 2014

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Got a favourite episode of Colin and Cumberland? Click on the episode links below to view. What did he say? Get a translation in the Wordbank

Episode 10 Booby Prize
A talent show that's literally out of this world.
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Episode 11 An affair to forget
The hapless DJ Colin is still relying on his hound Cumberland to teach him enough Irish to woo Frankie.
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Episode 12 Ransom mail
Hapless Colin raids the piggy bank to help his Irish coach and hound, Cumberland.
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Episode 13 Road movie
Colin tries out his Irish with a chat up line, but his sunglasses let him down.
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Episode 14 Closet Admirers
Colin ends up with a cupboard full of secrets and surprises.
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Episode 15 Name that vegetable
It's a turnip of a show for the hapless DJ Colin and his Irish speaking hound, Cumberland.
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Episode 16 Night Shift
DJ Colin gets more than he bargained for at the end of the night shift.
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Episode 17 A walk in the park
Exercising his Irish speaking hound Cumberland is anything but a walk in the park for hapless DJ Colin.
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Episode 18 Flea bitten
Bitten, but not smitten. Hapless Colin still has a long way to go before he succeeds in chatting up the lovely Frankie.
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Episode 19 The unusual suspects
Too many Alans can spoil the plot. Cumberland lands poor Colin in yet another embarrassing situation.
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Episode 20 Compo culture
There's no compensation for Colin, as yet another money-making scheme turns to dust.
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Episode 19 Mind Melt
Colin invents a mind swapping machine in an attempt to get Frankie's hand in marriage
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