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Ruby Colley
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby! That's what you'll be chanting to yourself after listening to this brilliant session by violin virtuoso Ruby Colley. Mind you, she couldn't be much further from the Kaiser Chiefs if she tried. Perhaps that's exactly what she's trying to do.

A member of Belfast act Cava, Ruby is also braving the perils of solo-dom armed only with a violin and a loopstation, creating a series of mesmerising musical montages with layering lines in a style not dissimilar to the fantastic Andrew Bird.

Listen to the dark, sweeping strains of 'Seed Rain', recorded exclusively for the ATL website, and then re-live 'Untitled #1' and 'Untitled #2' as aired on the show on Monday, 21st May.

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+ Seed Rain
+ Untitled #1
+ Untitled #2

Seed Rain (Web Exclusive)
Untitled #1
Untitled #2

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