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Live review
Cold War Kids
This is one of those gigs that when you see it announced you think 'Mmm, that could be very good. A headliner on their way up with a buzz about them, and enough music released to prick your interest, and a bunch of local guys who you've liked when you've seen them before.' And so it proved to be.

Local lads The Jane Bradfords have bagged themselves this plum little support slot and take their chances. Dressed in their quirky T-shirts, these likely lads warm us up with their brand of electro-pop. Yes, they do sound like 1980s New Order, particularly with 'Everything's Gone Green' making an appearance in their set. There's no real need for this though as their own material such as 'Something Like This' and 'Fight Them All' is wonderful electro capturing the spirit as well as the sound of 1980s, producing music that stirs the soul as well as the ears.

As for our headliners, The Cold War Kids are the latest hotly tipped American band that has been sent to try and take over this side of the Atlantic. On this performance they may succeed.

Musically they're jazzy funky Arcade Fire/Modest Mouse out-there-ness, bounding about the stage with an infectious energy and passion onstage. 'Hair Down', 'Fire' and of course, the recent surprise (but by no means undeserving) hit 'Hang Me Up To Dry' prove that they've got the sonic ammo to take on the world, and the exuberance of their performance can't help but win you over. The encore is a glorious Doors-esque trawl of mystic blues from these Californian free spirits, and while they don't have a Jim Morrison, they have a charm and an appeal from their passionate performance.

And so the Cold War is over - please let it only be a ceasefire.

William Johnston

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Gig Details
Venue: The Limelight
Location: Ormeau Ave, Belfast
Date: 5/2/2007

+ We Used To Vacation

Line Up
Cold War Kids
The Jane Bradfords

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