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Live Review
Axis Of
Animal Disco in Auntie Annie's is a simple concept: one band, on at midnight. There are several positives to this - firstly it ensures headliner quality from the band. Secondly, there's no hanging around from doors opening, wondering what time the bands start at. And thirdly, it offers plenty of opportunity for a pre-gig nap to get your energy levels up, something that is pretty important when dealing with Axis Of.

Initially one of the �North Coast Nasties' alongside the likes of ASIWYFA, Team Fresh, and more recently Bomb City 7 and Lantern For A Gale, they've managed to mature into something more subtle, still capable of spitting out and speed, but adding a craft and guile to the bludgeon. They even include a (in future renditions) sing-along �ba-da-badda-da-da� in an as yet unnamed new number, a slightly poppier tinge to their aggressive core. Yet even in this they keep the fires stoked, ranting to themselves off-microphone during the songs, as though they have to let the rage out somehow. When it's focussed, it works very well, their two popular favourites �Port Na Spaniagh' and �Brobdingnagian' pummelling us with wave upon wave of riffs.

Closing with another new song, it's a little bit of a treat, with a fellow North-Coaster joining them on guest vocals for a final hardcore assault - a series of unrelenting simple riffs, speeding up faster and faster with short, stabbing, screamed vocals. Short and stabbing - a pretty good summation of the gig itself.  More soon please lads, you've left us hungry and howling for more.

William Johnson

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