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Live Review
Funeral Party, Flashguns
The Stiff Kitten finds itself host to two bands playing their maiden shows in Belfast this evening. It's cold and drizzly outside and only a handful of people have turned up to hear the support act for tonight, which comes from the young Brighton trio, Flashguns.

Despite the small crowd, everyone seems enthusiastic to hear something new and the band clearly enjoy performing, throwing bucket-loads of ridiculously catchy guitar riffs our way, whilst the vocals seem somewhat reminiscent of Morrissey. They have a distinctive indie-pop sound and �Come and See the Lights� seems to get the best response from onlookers. It's just a pity that more people aren't around to hear them, but let's hope that they will be back in Northern Ireland again soon.

The Stiff Kitten crowd suddenly thickens out during the interval, and when the five piece indie rockers from L.A take to the stage, the place is three quarters full. The punters are keen to hear what the band has to offer and Funeral Party do not disappoint, pumping out a high energetic performance from the start, showcasing the live sound of many tracks from debut album �Golden Age of Knowhere�. Their music is fast paced, stuffed full of infectious guitar riffs, and the keyboardist brings an electro tinge to some of their songs.

It's a solid performance, however the vocals seem to be a little weak at times, something that is not a problem for some of the already dedicated fans who seem to sing along to every song. Towards the end of the set they unleash the big guns in the form of �Finale�, which gets a large section of the audience dancing pogo style. There is a similar reaction when the band round off the action with the wonderful indie dance track, �NYC Moves to the Sound of L.A�. As the band exit the stage the crowd are eager for more and shout for an encore. Funeral Party oblige and take to the stage one last time to blast out a final track.

Let's hope things keep escalating for Funeral Party and I'm sure they will be highly sought after to play some UK festivals this summer.

Jamie Glover

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Gig Details
Venue: The Stiff Kitten
Location: Belfast
Date: 1/1/2011

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