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Rainy Boy Sleep
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Rainy Boy Sleep, Ruby Colley
It's Friday night, and I find myself in No Alibis book store for the first time to see Ruby Colley and Rainy Boy Sleep. There's a great atmosphere with the dim lights, artwork and books all culminating together in a lovely and brilliantly eclectic setting. With chilled out vibes and a unique atmosphere, I can already tell that it's going to be a welcome change from the usual sweaty, crowded bars.
When I first found out Ruby Colley was playing I was a bit apprehensive, not being entirely sold on her sound. But I couldn't have been more wrong, I absolutely loved it. It felt like she was bringing a modern twist to a classic instrument, sounding almost Foals-guitars-esque at times, I never realised how diverse playing a violin could be. She plucks the strings like it's a guitar, whilst stomping along to the beats.
It's truly a fascinating spectacle. Using a loop pedal to great effect, when the songs kick in it is a beautiful wall of sound. This unique sound is definitely unlike anything I have heard before. Her cover of the Halloween theme tune is a particular highlight, as well as 'Butterfly Dance'.
Next up is Rainy Boy Sleep, aka Stevie Martin. Stevie is one of those artists you have to see live to realise just how special he truly is. His voice is so fresh and his innocence so highly compelling, that it feels like you are watching him in his bedroom completely alone and uninterrupted, a mark of a beautiful performance.
Like Ruby, Stevie uses a loop pedal to create a fuller sound with extra voice and guitars, and needless to say, Rainy Boy Sleep is an artist I will be excitedly following the progress of over the course of this year.
Both Ruby Colley and Rainy Boy Sleep contribute to a really different gig experience that will stand out for all the right reasons for a very long time.

Carys McMorran

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Gig Details
Venue: No Alibis
Location: Belfast
Date: 31/1/2011

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