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G Session Review...
Cashier No 9, Mojo Fury, The Jane Bradfords, Furlo, John D'Arcy & The Good Bunch of Lads
Normally a team of huskies isn't an essential when attending a gig unless you're going to see Snow Patrol or Skibunny or the Reindeer Section (ok that's enough winter jokes).  As it was I was forced to hitch up the sled and set out for Draperstown with only the lure of the line-up to fuel me.

Before the evening gets underway though we've got an extra bonus for tonight is the premiere of the Glasgowbury 2010 official film and a suitable appetite-whetter for this evening's live music.

Breaking the ice are John D'Arcy & The GBOL, bringing sunny pop-punk like 'Barcelona' to warm us up. 'Teenage Meltdown' is pogotastic pup fun, taking heavily from the clever dumb aesthete of bands like Blink 182, while 'Scotty' could have just slinked out of the Viper Room in 80s Hollywood, but with a modern intelligently ironic nod in it.  Definitely a GBOL.

As a bit of an addition to the previously advertised line-up we've got Furlo squeezing in, promising to enjoy themselves later as this is doubling as their Christmas party.  It's multilayered, well made emotive rock, with a frantic aspect to it, and 'Just The Idea' aims for the epic but...well, the song-writing isn't memorable enough, and the epic ambition seems forced.  

Back to the advertised menu, and The Jane Bradfords are very different to what has come before, more focused, and less cluttered despite having as many layers to their music.  The loops build naturally, and they understand how and why music works rather than just playing it.  New single 'Judicial Duel' is designed for a much bigger stage, like New Order (an on-going influence along with The National) gone contemporary, with a dirty shine and shimmer a la Black Angels. Apparently they're down a couple of members tonight but it doesn't seem to affect them much.

Continuing the mini-marathon of music are Mojo Fury.  They're just back from tour and it shows in a band who're now more confident on stage and tighter than ever.  'The Mann' and 'What Colour Is The Bear' are thrown out early but the strength of the forthcoming album, and indeed the record after that is apparent as the set doesn't falter.  A song written on their mainland journey has the claustrophobia of the tour bus, heavy bass and spiky loops a la Nine Inch Nails, while 'Sticky Hearts' (reportedly too new for the album) is another gem.  Closing with 'Run Away' they are, in my very humble opinion, our band most likely to at the minute.

Bringing this wintery evening to a close are Cashier No 9, just preparing for a short tour, who quickly warm us up with 'Goldstar' getting the place dancing to its chimes and rhythms.  '42 West Avenue' remains stuttery quirky perfection with its bells and whistles, while 'Oh Pity' crackles and fizzes with hints of uneasy malice.  'When Jackie Shone' is indeed the devil's hoedown, whipping the pleasantly bunged bar into a proper party mood before 'Goodbye Friend' sends us out into the cold, warmed by the promise of their forthcoming album.

Now where did I park those huskies?

William Johnston

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Gig Details
Venue: Cellar Bar
Location: Draperstown
Date: 4/12/2010

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