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Jody Has A Hitlist
Gig Review...
Jody Has A Hitlist, Stehway, Future Proof
Even though they seemed an odd choice of support for Jody has a Hitlist, Future Proof �- a charismatic 3 piece electro band - were a solid start to what progressed into a brilliant night. �

With the help of the special addition of two musicians (a guitarist and a drummer), the band sounded fuller and produced a bubbly vibe from beginning to end. Lead singer Jonni had great interaction with the crowd and did a fantastic job of getting them pumped, and their pop/electro sound had every head in the room bobbing and singing along to the catchy choruses. With their quirky attitudes, which may not fit everyone's taste, the band stood out from many other support bands and overall turned out to be a great choice of opening act.�

FutureProof were closely followed by Sethway, a pop/rock group from Ballymena who didn't get such an effective reaction. Despite their music being more like Jody has a Hitlist, they appeared to fall between the cracks and typically just become another support band, struggling to find something to make them unique. Although they had commendable vocals and even sang Happy Birthday to a fan in the crowd the band failed to live up to the atmosphere the first band created.�

But ultimately it was Jody has a Hitlist's turn to make the night their own. As they began to play, opening with the bands latest single 'Boy Caught Envy', the crowd roared as the wait was finally over. Pádraig McAlister did a fantastic job of interacting with the crowd and there was no single moment where any member of the band looked as if they were not enjoying every second of performing.

The band also played phenomenal rock covers of Katy Perry's hit song 'Teenage Dream' along with the famous Ke$ha song, 'Tik Tok', sending the crowd into a state of rapture and delight.
Overall they presented an outstanding performance, making an excellent impression for having such a short set, making a gig which many may have thought might be average, extraordinary.

Cathy Schofield

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Gig Details
Venue: Stiff Kitten
Location: Belfast
Date: 23/10/2010

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