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T?20 - Thearapy Tribute Night
Therapy? have never been averse to the odd cover in their time (check out their versions of Joy Division's 'Isolation' or Husker Du's 'Diane' for evidence of that), so what better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut single, than by inviting some of the new breed of local contenders to pay tribute by covering them?

First up, 'Screamager' gets the mojoFURY treatment, maybe not as frantic as the original, but still undeniably Therapy?, before shifting to their own material which is well capable of standing side by side with our local godfathers. Paul Shevlin steps up next, and turns 'Stories' into an 80s TV theme topped off with a desperate refrain of "happy people have no stories".  

While we are still stroking our chins and muttering phrases like "interesting", Silhouette sneak on to continue the keyboard use and abuse, this time augmented with strings, and proceed to belt out a cracking delicate yet spiky version of 'Nowhere'. Sorry lads, you might have just lost that song - ask nicely and you might get it back. As for their own original, we might well be hearing some kids doing it here in 20 years.

The piano delicacy is now rudely interrupted, fittingly, with 'Church Of Noise', The Rupture Dogs scuzzing it up, retaining the fun of the original but belting it out as bass-heavy grunge-pop. Shifting direction again, Yes Cadets turn 'Teethgrinder' into dirty electro-industrial pop with strangled Rapture-style vocals reflecting their own post-punk-funk sound, with this different interpretation showing the strength of the original material.

Kasper Rosa take the stage to do recent single 'Exiles', the normally instrumental band offering up a three-part vocal rendition built round an unsettling juxtaposition of child-like rhythm and malevolent guitar. 'Scaling Mount Improbable' sees them back on more familiar terrain, and provides the first bit of crowd interaction as Dave decides to introduce us to table-bass-playing. Whether the punters put any money in his underwear was unclear.

Cara Cowan changes things again, going all poppy for 'Lonely, Cryin', before our last 'regular' act of the evening - Axis Of, possibly the closest thing to Therapy? themselves on the bill. Certainly they're a loud, aggressive, punky 3 piece, and watching them belt out 'Opel Mantra' must stir a few memories for the older heads here. They claim to be full of mistakes tonight but carry it off regardless because of their "foot to the floor" attitude.

And now for the treat of the night. A one-off performance from Mike Abstract - a specially put together trio of Mikes including Mike Throat, Mike Therapy? and Mike mojoFURY/Clown Parlour. With Mike Therapy? thanking us for being there, they belt out 'Meat Abstract', a song "given its debut a few hundred yards and few years away".

And now for the next 20 years.

William Johston

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Gig Details
Venue: Oh Yeah Centre
Location: Belfast
Date: 22/7/2010

mojoFURY - Screamager
Paul Shevlin - Stories
Silhouette - Nowhere
The Rupture Dogs - Church Of Noise
Yes Cadets - Teethgrinder
Kasper Rosa - Exiles
Cara Cowan - Lonely, Crying, Only
Axis Of - Opel Mantra
Mike Abstract - Meat Abstract

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