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Cashier No.9
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Cashier No.9, Here Come The Landed Gentry
There's still some light outside and punters are finding their way in from World Cup screens elsewhere when Here Comes The Landed Gentry kick off. DJ Aaron Black has created just the right ambience, filling the time until the first set with a tasty mix of chilled Americana and the odd bit of more upbeat rock.

The Gentry send the drummer up first, ripping off with a loud rocking beat to let us know what's coming. The rest of the band hit the stage looking like extras from The Gunfight at the Ok Corral, and it's straight into a tub-thumping set worthy of the wildest West.

The band are big and loud and roundhouse through a set of ol'time bluesy rock with passion which it's impossible to resist. Fantastic live. They build up to a big finish with the stomper Leadbelly and we're all ready for the main act.

The Empire is filling nicely when Cashier No.9 launch into Goldstar, a song which says all that needs to be said about their credibility as a quality up and coming band. It opens with a big, rolling E-Street Band layer of keys, guitars and big drums and continues with a feel good swathe of sound. Great songwriting and great delivery from a band who reward repeated listening and who offer a rich tapestry of sound.

Danny Todd has paid his dues as guitarist with Corrigan and Alloy Mental, not to mention the gradual rise and rise of Cashier No.9. An eclectic range of influences underlies their sound, which seems to range from The Byrds and country rock to Granddaddy and The Flaming Lips. This is not a one-sound one-trick pony, but a band with some depth and variety.

The polished pop jangle of 42 West Avenue gets the enthusiasts dancing at the front before a run of tracks from the new album give a taster of good things to come. Lost At Sea, Good Human and The Lighthouse Will Lead You Out are standouts.

The set peaks with a blistering When Jackie Shone. It looks and sounds like the drummer has more than the usual number of limbs- the best I've ever heard this track and I don't think anyone in the hall isn't reacting. The main set is closed with Goodbye Friend before a short encore, and it's away home with a big smile. A good night.

Cashier No.9 are a talented band. The sum of the parts has produced a tight and engaging sound on the back of support and headline shows and the recent Snow Patrol big event in Ward Park. The album promises to be a lot less ephemeral than many of the bright new indie butterflies. Danny Todd hasn't settled into one comfortable musical mould and has produced songs which threaten to get into your head and stay there. This is quality - when's the album out? I want it.

Bert Scott

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Gig Details
Venue: Empire Music Hall
Location: Belfast
Date: 19/6/2010

+ Cashier No.9 - ATL
+ Here Comes The Landed Gentry - ATL

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