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A Plastic Rose
Radar live review...
A Plastic Rose, More Than Conquerors, The Key of Atlas
Radar kicks off in style with The Key of Atlas. Opening their set with 2 new songs, the band zips around the stage effortlessly, serving up prime cuts of sublime indie rock.

In the vocal department however, things are slightly out of kilter. Both vocalists have trouble controlling their voices, and the dual vocals are a touch out of synch, threatening to spoil an otherwise great set. The band ends in glorious fashion with the throbbing disco beat of 'Pure Black Spectrum', a song that is set to sear its indelible mark onto the public consciousness.

More Than Conquerors surreptitiously walk on stage and begin with the angular waltz of 'Home is a Red Dress'; a daring opener to their set, it ripples through the crowd and, like a seductive scent, turns the heads of the less attentive audience. Vocalist Kris' androgynous vocals are delivered with a sensitive humility as if they jump straight from his heart and into the speakers. As the set goes on, the band relentlessly flogs the crowd with sharp dynamic shifts at the most unexpected of turns, and the audience wait with baited breath for their next move.

For such a young band, they execute each song with the kind of precision that many well established bands would be envious of. Like a grenade with its pin removed, More Than Conquerors are ready to explode.

Contrasting the jagged peak of More Than Conquerors, A Plastic Rose emit waves of stellar energy that finally loosens up the decidedly stiff crowd. 'Colour Blue' floods the rooms with towering guitar and a phenomenal dual vocal delivery that scrapes the sky, while a triumphant rendition of 'Kids Don't Behave Like This' sends the crowd wild.

There's a certain radiance that comes from the band that suggests they are truly humbled by the rapture of the crowd, and they show their appreciation by delivering an exceptional set of music.

As they bask in the glow of the stage lights, they seem right at home on stage. This could indeed be the Year of the Rose.

Chris Johnson

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Gig Details
Venue: Speakeasy, QUBSU
Location: Belfast
Date: 2/2/2010

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