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Adebisi Shank
Live review...
Adebisi Shank, Comply or Die
Back to Auntie Annies, which seems to be the hotspot for local bands at the minute, and I must say, these gigs are wreaking havoc on my New Year's rehab!

First up onstage were Comply or Die, who I knew little about. These guys are clearly professional and good at what they do, but what they do isn't really to my taste. Comply or Die play a more traditional style of punk/stoner rock compared to the headliners tonight. An epic, drawn out, twenty minute song left its impression on me for all the wrong reasons, but the guys infuse their tunes with a whack of energy that helped save the set from passing me by completely. Unfortunately, the decent-sized crowd didn't seem moved and there was a distinct lack of atmosphere despite their best efforts.

Next were Adebisi Shank - One of the most talented and creative electric rock bands to grace our ears of late! Though I had vowed not to leave my seat I was drawn to the stage with the rest of the crowd. Terrifying, all encompassing, captivating, mesmerising... Did I mention terrifying? I could not for a second take my eyes from the stage (unless to follow the bassist who jumped into the audience at regular intervals!). The energy and ferocity with which this band attacks their songs is thrilling.

Each song is distinctly different and just as good as the last, with 'You Me' and 'Snakehips' standing out. With a masked bassist and little chat with the crowd, an intense atmosphere in the venue grew. However, when the crowd were addressed it was a Wexford accent that was uttered from underneath the hood, shattering the mystery and the illusion. Instead they were, as most are, more nice guys in a band!

When they announced their last song they were met with disbelief from the crowd. This set felt like a fraction of the length of the previous. Pedal tricks followed to end the set and I'm still amazed, and somewhat confused, as to how they managed it!

Sarah McGlinchey

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Gig Details
Venue: Aunt Annies
Location: Belfast
Date: 26/1/2010

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