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Colenso Parade
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Colenso Parade, The Good Fight, Uber Glitterati
Perhaps it was the weather, but this month's Two Step hasn't attracted a massive crowd as electro two-piece Uber Glitterati take to the stage. Elizabeth McGeown's vocals shone through the melee of synths and bass, but did little to stir a mostly uninterested crowd from already established conversation. Appropriate applause was the customary audience reply to every song, but the duo's original material lacked the kick, the bite, the killer touch needed to turn heads and demand attention. Disappointingly, a cover of Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love' was the highlight of an opening act who might not have been the best suited to this bill.

The Good Fight greet a marginally bigger crowd, but play with the energy of a headliner. New single 'Kick Start' and 'Electric Flow,' have the qualities of radio friendly pop, yet the quirky, unpredictability of a developing band forging their own identity. The four-piece live up to their recently set high standards and make the night their own, drawing all eyes and ears to the stage with a faultless performance. The crowd respond to the confidence and charisma of the band, venturing ever closer to the stage, but all too soon the set ends and a briefly enthusiastic, healthily populated crowd dissipates. Tonight's performance went a long way to cementing their position as a rival to the top local bands.  

Following a brief writing and recording break, Omagh boys Colenso Parade are back. Comparisons with the Beatles are inevitable, if only for their appearance and dual vocal harmonies, but Colenso Parade churn out the highest quality pop with an energy and determination to rival their Liverpudlian predecessors. Sixties beat influences, mixed with the likes of Springsteen and a modern pop twist create a recipe for irresistible, catchy music you have no choice but to dance along to. Despite a dwindling crowd, the reception is largely positive; old favourites like 'Smile' interwoven with new songs illustrate the progression of the group in recent months. With an arsenal of new material waiting to be unleashed, Colenso Parade are a band you'll struggle to avoid in 2010.

Daniel Lynch

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Gig Details
Venue: Limelight
Location: Belfast
Date: 21/1/2010

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