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General Fiasco
Live review...
General Fiasco, A Plastic Rose, Yes Cadets
By the time Yes Cadets took to the stage the Stiff Kitten, a healthy crowd was patiently waiting to be bombarded with a barrage of guitar and synths. The band thrived on a warm reception and delivered a strong set laden with infectious choruses, hooks and rhythms reminiscent of the 80s, yet somehow totally fresh. Highlight 'Canada' got the most stubborn of toes tapping and epitomised the dancy, light heartedness of music made from a template of good honest fun.

Who better to support N.I.'s latest export than A Plastic Rose, a band who could well be our next? True to form, duelling singers Gerry and Ian were master showmen and quickly had the audience bowing to their every command, with 'All You Know Will Love and Die' and even new tune 'Promises' encourage mass sing-songs, with the audience feeding off an energy which consistently brings A Plastic Rose closer to every audience they entertain. By the time we get to 'Kids Don't Behave Like This', we were powerless to resist. As Gerry Norman said "You're going to go mad in a minute... absolutely mental... I promise you". He wasn't far wrong, and left the audience with the distinct impression that they'd just witnessed something very special.

More than adequate support then, even if General Fiasco do manage an entire set of anthems. That the three-piece could achieve such a full sound is impressive. Owen's vocals, as ever were huge and utterly confidant. Leaky's drumming is a comfortable slap in the face while Enda remains one of the most solid guitarists around. 'Something Sometime,' 'We Are The Foolish' and, of course, 'Rebel Get By' provoke some serious dancefloor action while epic new tune 'Buildings' could be the making of General Fiasco and is the best song on the night by a mile.

In short - 2010 is theirs for the taking.

Words: Daniel Lynch

Photo: Matthew Alexander Patton -

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Gig Details
Venue: The Stiff Kitten
Location: Belfast
Date: 13/1/2010

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