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Live review
Origin, Condemned, Overoth & Last Judgement
It's not often that the bands our metal community want to see the most ever grace the shores of Northern Ireland.  This is why we need to thank smaller promoters like The Distortion Project, now into their tenth year and still going strong.

Last Judgement cannot be blamed for their paleness in comparison to tonight's incredible headliners, but they do have to take the fall for a poor live show.  Unsteady kick-drums, uneven guitar levels, a lack of showmanship and improvident song writing don't justify their support slot.  Granted both guitarists showed some true promise, but without overall cohesion it doesn't really work. Here's hoping the spark ignites soon.

Overoth are gradually becoming local legends, respected somewhat for putting in the overtime required to really make things happen. Tonight they play up to a relatively timid crowd keeping energy levels high for the duration of their set.  Heavy grooves and solid tracks such as 'Oath Of Flesh' and 'Death Personified' had punters up, out of their seats and raising fists, while new tracks like 'Serpent Of Old' stand out.  With a tightness that the genre demands coupled with an aggression that can't be ignored, they showed their worth as more than a mere warm up.  

Condemned are held in equal high regard and tonight loom over the stage, having had their presence felt by all. Their music and twisted take on the genre is complemented with quick tempo changes and high skill levels.  Willy Taylor's drumming hasn't aged a day and is as impressive as ever while sadistic riffery from both lead and bass remind us off just how much our local scene has to offer.

But nothing could prepare the small Auntie Annies crowd for what was to descend from the nights final band, who come as close to levelling this venue as any act in the past. For a full hour, Origin demonstrated their take on 'technical' death metal, causing the crowd to look on amazed. Their material may be monotonous, but this band are too busy getting kicks from shaming any other musician in the building to care.

Newer tracks, such as 'Finite' (which the crowed lapped up) and 'Antithesis' destory ears with musical insanity and chaotic 3-way screams while our eyes are treated to a feast of finger-wizardry by bassist Mike Flores'. Needless to say, they make their mark on Belfast.  

Words: Connor Agnew

Pic (Origin): bands myspace

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Gig Details
Venue: Auntie Annies
Location: Belfast
Date: 4/5/2009

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