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The View
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The View, Colenso Parade, The Brothers Movement
Those arriving early at the Mandela get the definite bonus of hearing local band Colenso Parade. Dressed like renegades from a We Are Scientists video in jacket, shirt and tie they get a big response from the early birds.

Colenso deliver a solid set, lead guitar ringing through well-crafted songs with Beatle-esque harmonies going on. This reviewer has rarely liked a band so much on a first live listen. One to hear again.

Things heavy up with The Brothers Movement, a Dublin band previously known as Mainline.  Dress code is black with leathers, the sound aiming at big stage anthems. If you like Oasis, you'll like TBM.

A crowd fills the floor of the Mandela when loveable mop-tops The View take the stage. They have a knack of writing songs with great hooks and have more wit and substance than much of the young indie herd. A frantic and enthusiastic set follows, things getting reasonably mental by the time we get to 'Wasted Little DJs as the third song in. Songs from 'Which Bitch?' stand up well against the stalwarts from the first album.  

There is change of pace for a few acoustic songs in the middle, before things build to a manic end with 'Superstar Tradesman' and 'Shock Horror'.

The View give you energy and passion and the show is a belter. They could have fitted revolving doors to the Mandela towards the end, as a growing number of punters boiled over and had to be introduced to the calming benefits of cool fresh air. Whatever the Ents crew were paid it wasn't enough.

Frantic and fun.

Bert Scott

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Gig Details
Venue: The Mandela Hall
Location: Belfast
Date: 25/2/2009

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