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General Fiasco
Live review...
General Fiasco, Kowalski
To start, an apology. This was supposed to include a review of the third band on the bill - Strait Laces. To be honest the ridiculous queues of people to get into this sold-out gig meant that this reviewer was almost forced to retreat to a seat in the bar until it was easier to get in. We hope to catch you at a gig sometime soon.  

Think about it though - this is a sold out gig in a venue of no little capacity for a headline band without an album, a band who can claim to be one of the hottest acts about to break-through at the minute. And what's more, they're one of ours.

Before we get to General Fiasco, we've got Kowalski. The smaller environs seem to suit them, and their infectious summery, gentle pop is hard to resist. It's a little big MGMT meets Peter, Bjorn & John - music to meander to - chilling out on a riverbank, and when it quickens, it like being chased by some bees, who when they catch you... they give you some honey.

As for our headliners - from the first note on this is a triumphant homecoming - a jammed venue, a screaming crowd, and a buzz about everything General Fiasco do. By now we know exactly what they're all about - incredibly catchy indie-rock-pop, drawing heavily from 'I Should Coco' era Supergrass - another group of ridiculously young (at the time) lads making straight-up fun-time music with a cheeky bit of wilful and spiky youth rebellion.

Introducing the new single, 'Something, Sometime' is probably a pretty pointless exercise, as indeed is singing it, because despite it not being released yet, everyone knows the words - its catchy hooks, chorus and a sea of hands from our young audience.  'Talking To Friends' is described as relatively new, and has a little bit of gentleness to lull us before a little punky lick kicks things up a notch. As for the band themselves, they're more confident than before, but retain their youthful charm and naive honesty, giving a nod to old friends A Plastic Rose and telling us to check them out, showing that the impending stardom hasn't gone to their heads.

A completely unnecessary request for us all to sing along to 'Let's Get Wasted' continues the party, while the place is torn up by a closing chaotic chanting rendition of 'Rebel Get By' where, probably not the first time, and definitely not for the last, they have a crowd singing it all back to them.

Go forth and conquer.

William Johnston

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