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Ladytron have been around for the best part of a decade, rising to prominence in the short lived but much loved Electro-clash era. Since then, they've transformed their sound somewhat, introducing a rockier edge with new album Velocifero.

Expectations are high, but this reviewer leaves feeling numb, convinced that a night at home listening to Ladytron's LPs would have made for a similar (and more satisfactory) experience. It started badly - the band clamber onstage looking icey and robotic, opening with unfamiliar, new tracks and are, as a result, greeted with general disdain from the majority of the crowd.

Despite Mira Aroyo and Helena Marnie's vocals being barely audible, the replication of their recorded material is just too precise. The occasional 'thanks' and obligatory 'This is our first time in Belfast' don't enhance the experience much, either.

'Seventeen' goes down an absolute treat, but by that stage the damage had been done. Even a warmly received 'Destroy Everything You Touch' doesn't make up for a disappointing evening, especially as it ends a set which doesn't even hit the hour mark. Shameful, given they have four albums worth of material.

What would have made this better, then? Maybe a few of the more playful tracks from those synth-y albums '604' or 'Lights and Magic'. Less new stuff, a little warmth on stage. Not only has this made me never want to watch the band perform again, I can barely bring myself to listen to their albums.

Ladytron live? No thanks.

Paul Mullin

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Gig Details
Venue: The Stiff Kitten
Location: Belfast
Date: 29/11/2008

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