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Fight Like Apes
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Fight Like Apes
You may have heard the buzz about Fight Like Apes and have been wondering if its all just over excited groupies or if they are worth all the hype.

The gig was in Whelans in Dublin, which already has a special feeling about it for gigs, never mind adding the Apes to the mix. Let's set the scene, the place was absolutely crammed and it seemed to be a big mixture of people, from super-fans decked out in their FLA t-shirts, to those who had heard the hype surrounding the band and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

The crowd were in good form, talking with each other about the album and having a chat with the strangers standing beside them. Then the lights dimmed and the electro intro to the album welcomed the Apes on stage. Lead singer Mary-Kate looked incredible with a huge hairdo and novelty sunglasses which had flashing lights on them. A few songs into the gig, some old fashioned metal rubbish bins were brought out and thrown into the crowd and everyone started thumping them and creating noise of their own, while crazy synth-wizard Pockets used the bin lids as cymbals.

In terms of the set list, all of the songs from the previous EPs featured, even though they had been jazzed up a bit for the album. They still sounded brilliant and my personal picks were 'Do You Karate?', 'Jake Summers' and 'Something Global'. They are already classics! For a while now Fight Like Apes have been playing a cover of a McLusky song (the name of which ATL is not allowed to put into print, as its a bit rude), and dare we say it, we believe it's a better version.

Mary-Kate is an excellent front woman, and Pockets, Tom and Adrian put on a great show to compliment the fab tunes. If you haven't caught on to Fight Like Apes yet, then do it now! You wont regret it!

There were crowd surfers, stage dives, screaming, jumping, binlids, random accessories and fabulous tunes. We'd expect nothing less from our Apes!

Emma-Rose McGrady

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Gig Details
Venue: Whelan's
Location: Dublin
Date: 26/9/2008

+ Interview with Rigsy

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