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Belsonic Day One
Local heroes Oppenheimer shiver with excitement backstage as they wait to perform to their biggest Belfast crowd to date. But these are guys with nothing to prove, their cache of pop hits now spanning two excellent albums...

NAME OF ACT: Oppenheimer


As it's a Monday and early on, people are still arriving and there's a lack of enthusiasm at the start. But the local lads taking blatant advantage of a big stage in their own backyard (you could probably hit their studio with a Flaming Lips confetti gun from here), charm us from the outset and get us warmed up till everyone's clapping and cheering by the end.

Those 'short songs' being approved by Mr Coyne from the side of the stage, the fireworks, the high quality heckles and air-hornage.  It's taking advantage of a hometown crowd to play cheap gags that they know will play well, and then bringing out some friends to re-create their album collaborations on 'The Never-Never'

BELSONIC RATING (out of ten): A fun-filled 7.5

William Johnston

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