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Belsonic Day One
The crowd solemnly assemble for an onslaught of post-rock from Mogwai, who according to punter David McCabe, are the second best post-rock band in the world after the Dirty Three...



CROWD REACTION: By this point of the evening, the majority of folks  were in place, eagerly awaiting our headliners for the evening. So yes, it did seem a  little out of place to have instrumental rock 'wizards' (TM Steven of  The Flaming Lips) as the final support. Granted they didn't exactly whip up a party atmosphere in the cold and the rain but there were quite a few Mogwai fans in the audience  who had made the journey specifically too see the Scottish five piece. The band received a pretty decent reception and impressed a lot of people with just how compelling and nuanced their sonic wonders are. An odd concept having this lot on before the majesty of Wayne and co, but if anyone does  'that sort of thing' any better, no one in the crowd was saying who.

STAND OUT MOMENT: The look on Stuart Braithwaite's face as a few, overly enthusiastic, shall we say, punters tried to start up a clap- along. Lads, we appreciated the energetic response and everything but  there's two things to remember when attempting this - a) know the song and b) have some sense of rhythm!

BELSONIC RATING (out of ten): 7 out of 10.

Review by: Orla Graham

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