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Belsonic Day One
Belsonic is off to a flying start, as Monday's performers take to the stage in what promises to be three days of first class local and international talent. Sit back, and enjoy the view from the front row, as our sparky young team recount the evening's proceedings...



CROWD REACTION: Unfortunately for Jape, not many have hot footed it down to Custom House Square early, and the first band on at Belsonic play to a mere ragtag smattering of people. Of those people, there did seem to be a  few Jape fans in attendance (mostly Dubs, judging by the accents).  

Most folks, whether fans or not, seemed to react quite favourably to  Richie Egan's electronica-folk-indie tunes, and Egan's slightly daft  charm and enthusiasm were dampened neither by the weather nor the low attendance.

STAND OUT MOMENT: Jape have a number of really good, infectious,  delightful little songs. So delightful, in fact, that if there's any  justice they'll be a lot bigger next time we see them in this neck of  the woods. 'I Was A Man', 'Phil Lynott' (despite some "technical  difficulties") and their best known work 'Floating' were stand-out tracks of the set, by far.

BELSONIC RATING (out of ten): 7 out of 10

Reviewed by Orla Gallagher

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