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Listen up folks, I love live music - LIVE music, not some chick who looks about as enthused as a barista working the 8am shift at your local Starbucks spinning discs of "atmospheric" soundscapes that are entirely lacking in atmosphere.

But everything that was wrong with support act Leila's DJ set was everything that was right with Bjork's. Arriving on stage heralded by the fanfare of a 10-piece marching Icelandic brass section, the tiny one compelled immediately with a fantastically rousing and tribal "Earth Intruders". A promising start indeed.

Now I'll be honest with you - I never quite know what to make of Bjork or her music, never been what you would call a fan. And I wouldn't say that I'm converted, not by any means, but she is without doubt one of the best live acts you could ever come across. Music that I've found a tad on the inaccessible side in the past becomes a living breathing thing in its own right, with this crazy little pixie at the centre of it all guiding us on journeys to God only knows where.

With an energy that knows no bounds, she skipped around the stage with the abandon of a five year old, communicating with us not through chatty banter (which would just seem out of place from such an other-worldly being) but rather through her huge and unique voice and her prancing dancing ways. To be Bjork seems to be a wonderfully free and uninhibited experience. I'd like to try it sometime.

Finale "Declare Independence" really was a show stopper. Thunderously anthemic, it was the perfect climax to a visually and sonically stunning performance which left the crowd as fulfilled and mind-blown as ever I've seen.

Words: Orla Graham
Pics: Alan Maguire

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Bjork, by Alan Maguire

Gig Details
Venue: Waterfront Hall
Location: Belfast
Date: 28/4/2008

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