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Broken Social Scene
It's a BSS gig by any other name. A selection of those roaring, beautifully shaped songs. The double broadside of Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning, continually upping each other's potential. The audience hurling chorus lines into the sky, loving the sparky 'Cause=Time' and the cosmic wobble of  the second album. And while some of the extended famly members are getting their own schemes together and working! it internationally, there's a sense of camraderie tonight, of friends catching up and new tunes being delivered with pride.

It's also a wilfully messy affair. BSS are loved  for the humanity and they deliver this in spades. Songs are fluffed and restarted. Others are forgotten in the tumult. These are quality musicians, second-guessing the changes and the grooves, and so you appreciate the volatile fun even more.

Kevin has a new album... 'Spirit If', but the credits reveal that his mates are all over it, and he's not shy of sharing the credit, of bringing the Canuck legend Tom Cochrane up for a couple of songs and giving a run to Bloc Party bassist Gordon Moakes. We even hear a song from Brendan's forthcoming solo deal. By the end of the night, the stage is mobbed and the ceremony is a roof-shaking result.

Of the new songs, there's much to recommend 'Lucky Ones', a raggedy street anthem that recalls young Springsteen. 'F-ked Up Kid' is t! rashy and incandescent. Meantime 'Gang Bang Suicide' is a swirling benediction that confesses, "my heart is a house, will you come in a leave a space for us to give". It's the song that you ultimately carry off into the fresh air of Bloor St.

Stuart Bailie
Photos by Stuart Bailie

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Gig Details
Venue: Lee's Palace
Location: Toronto
Date: 27/9/2007

Line Up
Broken Social Scene presents Kevin Drew

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