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The Good Fight
ATL RockSchool winners...
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In late September we gathered together two tracks stuck between artistically folded paper and sent it off to ATL in the hope that it would arrive in time and also impress the judges. The two track demo took us and 18 other bands through to the next heats in late October.

The second round heats took place in the BBC studios where each band was recorded for the viewing of the judging panel only. This was the first glimpse into what playing in a real studio would be like.

The following monday the names of the finalists were announced on ATL radio. The suspense was epic due to our name being called last.

In the time between the heats and the final we had to make a video insight into The Good Fight which was record in coleraine. For This we had to play acoustic alternatives to our usual instruments and strummed them out in the town centre to all the passers-by which amounted to nearly double figures. The rest of the day consisted of us answering questions awkwardly around coleraine which was alot of fun to make.

The next stage of ATL was the final. This took place on 26th November and was the most memorable stage of ATL. It was a very long day for all involved with many sound checks and rehearsals and of course the main performance but for the experience and the result it was definitely worth it.

Prior to the results being read out the bands moral was at an all time low due to disbelief in ourselves, so as the results unfolded and our score stayed top we were in shock as I'm sure our faces showed.

Since ATL we have made a recording of a song called 'Landslide' which is now up on our myspace page. This was recorded by Enda Walsh in Amberville studios just outside Cullybackey which happens to be situated in the middle of nowhere. We spent two days in the studio and we are thrilled with the finished product.

The next part of the prize we used was to record a music video which goes along with the recording of 'Landslide'. This was directed by Paul Brolly who we are so greatful to for the time and effort he put into making us look decent. This video was a real challenge, especially for Matthew because to get the slow motion effect we had to film it in double speed and then slow it down. So we spent all day miming along to what sounded like a Happy Hardcore version of 'Landslide' while we got drenched in water... epic!

Finally in closing, prior to ATL we wanted to establish the band on the Belfast music scene and since the programme we have been gigging in belfast more frequently. Now we have reset our sites. The next step is recording an EP which will hopefully be done around the end of March. Please drop by our myspace and listen to our tunes, watch our video and make a note of our gigs.

The Good Fight, February 2008

Watch the video by scrolling through the clips in the right hand window of the player at the top of the page, then click on any of the 'Listen' links below the photo gallery to hear the session tracks. You will need Flash Player to watch the video, and Real Player to listen to the audio.

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