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ATL Rock School Winners 2007 - NICE 'N' SLEEZY

We had only entered on a long shot, but when we got a call to film for the second round of the ATL Rock School battle of the bands we couldn't believe our luck.

The idea was that we filmed 2 songs for the cameras as if we were playing in front of a packed audience, to show off what a Sleezy gig was all about. The bands who gave the 6 best performances would then be through to the TV final. We gave it all we had and waited for the announcement on ATL radio to see if we'd been successful. After as much evasive banter as my stomach could take, the DJs finally relieved the tension and we couldn't believe our luck.

We arrived in the early hours of the day of filming, in high spirits after a night of spirits and ready to roll after a long wait. We were quickly shown around the BBC studios and introduced to the folks behind the scenes; it was amazing to have so many people looking after us behind cameras, side stage and in makeup and wardrobe (the latter being something we took full advantage of...) and was finally shown to our own private dressing room. This was Rock n Roll.

We had a rehearsal in the middle of the day, which both thrilled and frightened us because suddenly everything was REAL. As the rehearsals progressed, members of the judging panel appeared along with presenters for the evening; Donna and Rigsy.

After what seemed like an eternity we had watched the crowd fill in and the show began. Watching the other bands backstage was nerve wracking and we were all eager to get on. Finally our time came. The response from the audience was electric as we got ready to give it our all.

The song flew in; we seemed to only be on stage for seconds before our time was up and the time had come for the judge's verdict. The panel themselves were all so accomplished in their own fields; we had been dying to know what they would make of us. There were positive and constructive comments from all 3 and we came off the stage beaming.

The time had at last come to find out if our journey had been worthwhile. We stood there in a subdued, calm before the storm as the panel read out the final scores. It didn't really click straight off when we were told we'd won, but as our primary school maths slowly reared up, it sunk in and the atmosphere was fantastic. The crowd erupted and we were handed a trophy.

A few weeks and many parties later it was time to head to Dublin to record our single No Rock On The Radio. The studio was awesome, we always love recording as it allows us so many more avenues than just what we have in our live set. After a long day we eventually came out with something we could be proud of and we look forward to shooting the video and releasing the single.

Kerri Kixx

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