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John Shelly and The Creatures

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We're not afraid of anything here at ATL, so it was with valour and courage that Rigsy agreed to meet John Shelly and The Creatures for an interview. As it was, it turned out that it was just a couple of harmless musicians called Phil and Wally with not a frightening monster in sight.

Satisfied that they were a band and not a collection of scary sorts, we also recorded a session with the full band, featuring silky versions of 'Angeline', 'Blinded and Cross' and 'Fool For Looking'. We've also got video of them in action at the ATL / raw money gig in November 2009, playing 'Frost'. You would be a fool not to look, and indeed listen, so enjoy...

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+ Frost
+ Interview, ATL Towers

+ Angeline
+ Blinded and Cross
+ Fool For Looking

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