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These boys are going places, mark our words. We've watched them grow up and, like a proud uncle, we're gonna show off their brilliance to you until you agree with us. Exhibit A is a wonderful romp through Ever So Shy, We Are The Foolish and Rebel Get By, as well as Antony & The Johnsons' Hope There's Someone, at the Oh Yeah Centre in Belfast from March 2010.

If you need more convincing, then one watch of 'Rebel Get By' performed live at the Stiff Kitten in Belfast should be enough. We've also got a great acoustic version of 'Please Take Your Time' recorded in our special yurt at Glasgowbury '09. Then, once you've been won over, you can hear what the band have to say for themselves in a couple of interviews that highlight the sudden ascension. One minute, Rigsy's chatting to them outside the city hall in Belfast while everyone eats their sandwhiches without noticing, the next he's bumping into them at Oxegen before they hit the New Band/Futures stage second on the bill. By Oxegen '09, they're so famous they get a crack at the notorious 60 Second Challenge.

And as if all that wasn't enough, you can also marvel at the fresh-faced partying present in the promo vid shot for Rebel Get by in series four of ATL TV and listen to an acoustic session track, Ever So Shy. You can even cast your mind back to Owen in a previous incarnation with The Tides, winners of ATL Rock School in 2006. See? We've been with them all along...

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