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We've all been there. At the end of a long evening spent trying to convince a date that you are a kind, funny, thoughtful, wonderful individual with whom they can entrust their loving heart, a stranger politely inquires if you would like to buy a rose for your companion. Naturally, you say no, but this exposes your lack of generosity and romanticism. "But it was a plastic rose", you wail in vain as your hopes of a liason turn on their heels and hail a cab. What can you do to redeem yourself? Well, watching and listening to these superb ATL session tracks by a band called A Plastic Rose might be a good start.

Wistfully look back on that lost amorous opportunity and vow not to let the mask slip next time while taking in the sights and sounds of 'Hold On Tight', 'All That You Know And Love Will Die', 'Silence You!' and 'The Colour Blue'. They may not lighten your mood, but you will know that others have experienced your pain.

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