1970s Perspectives

The Story of BBC News in Northern Ireland is told by BBC journalists and managers as well as media observers. Their perspectives cast light on some of the major issues through the decades.

Robin Walsh

Behind the lens

Robin Walsh was News Editor for BBCNI in the Seventies. He became Editor of the Network Nine O'Clock News and later Controller NI. He pays tribute to a group of people whose work is sometimes overlooked - the cameramen.

Read Robin Walsh's Perspective.

Richard Ayre

Learning Lessons

Richard Ayre has a unique understanding of the difficulties that have been involved for newsgathering in Northern Ireland.

Read Richard Ayre's Perspective.

Roisin McAuley

The Mystery of Robert Nairac

Roisin McAuley reported for Spotlight during some of the most difficult years of the Troubles. But one story from that era holds a particular fascination.

Read Roisin McAuley's Perspective.

Nicholas Witchell

Nicholas Witchell

Nicholas Witchell the BBC Royal Correspondent remembers one of the bloodiest days of the conflict.

Read Nicholas Witchell's Perspective.

Bernard Cornwell

Bernard Cornwell

How a spell in Belfast led to a career as a best-selling author.

Read Bernard Cornwell's Perspective.

The UWC Strike

The UWC Strike

The Ulster Workers Council strike in 1974, which brought down the power-sharing Executive led by Brian Faulkner, was a testing time for the people of Northern Ireland...

Read about The UWC Strike.

Wendy Austin

A Privileged View

Wendy Austin has been a BBC broadcaster for more than thirty years.

Read Wendy Austin's Perspective.

Richard Francis

Broadcasting and the depiction of violence

Extracts from a speech given by Richard Francis, BBC NI Controller, to Royal Institute of International Affairs, February, 1977.

Read Richard Francis's Perspective.

Question Of Ulster

The Question Of Ulster

On 5 January, 1972, the BBC broadcast a three-hour television special - The Question of Ulster - an Enquiry into the Future.

Read about the Question Of Ulster.

The Middle Ground

The Middle Ground

Extract from BBC Handbook, 1970.

Read Extract from BBC Handbook.

Editorial Responsibilities

Editorial Responsibilities

From BBC lecture on Editorial Responsibilities by Desmond Taylor, Editor, News and Current Affairs. 1975.

Read Quote taken from BBC lunch-time lecture.

Richard Francis

Terrorists on Television

Extract from R Francis, 'Terrorists on Television', a speech to the Broadcasting Press Guild, 12 July 1979.

Read R Francis's Perspective.

James Robbins

James Robbins

James Robbins the BBC's Diplomatic Editor recalls learning in Belfast and finding romance.

Read James Robbins's Perspective.

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