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  • Terence O'Neill 1969

    Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Terence O'Neill, delivers his famous 'Ulster at the Crossroads' address.

  • Public Opinion 1969

    Street interviews show community division.

  • Civil Rights 1969

    The 1960s sees the emergence of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights movement.

  • Violence Escalates

    The tensions between the communities escalate and British troops arrive on the street of Belfast.

  • Londonderry 1960s

    Violent confrontation between communities in Derry.

  • Flackes and Faulkner

    BBCNI Political Correspondent W.D. Flackes interviews Brian Faulkner about his resignation from O'Neill's Cabinet.

  • Barry Cowan

    Broadcaster Barry Cowan recollects the dangers of being a journalist during the Troubles. From Frequencies, Facts & Frictions, BBC Radio Ulster, 1994.

  • W.D. Flackes

    BBC Political Correspondent, W.D. Flackes gives his analysis of former Prime Minister NI, Terence O'Neill for BBC Radio Ulster. From Frequencies, Facts & Frictions, BBC Radio Ulster, 1994.

  • Waldo Maguire

    Waldo Maguire, the first Ulsterman to hold the post of BBC Controller for Northern Ireland, describes the ethos of the region when in joined in 1966. From Frequencies, Facts & Frictions, BBC Radio Ulster, 1994.

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