The Story of BBC News in Northern Ireland

In 1955, BBC Northern Ireland appointed its first television news reporter.

This exhibition traces the development of BBC journalism at local level. It looks at some of the people, programmes and editorial issues associated with the BBC's coverage of a changing Northern Ireland.

It also describes how technological developments have affected the BBC's work and the role of the broadcast journalist in an increasingly digital world.

1950s Facing the cameras

These were years of beginnings with BBCNI's first television news journalist and first television news bulletins

Explore the 1950s.

1960s The Troubles begin

Unrest begins and the Belfast newsroom faces the challenge of reporting conflict on the streets

Explore the 1960s.

1970s Eye of the storm

Northern Ireland's Troubles are now world news. The newsroom becomes a hub and a training ground.

Explore the 1970s.

1980s Bullets and bans

This was the decade of the Broadcasting Ban, Real Lives and continuing bloodshed on the streets.

Explore the 1980s.

1990s Towards peace

The first faltering steps are taken towards a political solution and digital technology changes the broadcasting world.

Explore the 1990s.

2000s A new age

The new century delivers a changing agenda – events on a global scale and the developing needs of the local audience.

Explore the 2000s.

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