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24 September 2014

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June 2004
Write '04
Index of entries
Thanks to everyone who has submitted entries to Write '04. Below are links to all the entries in each category.

• 7 to 11-year-olds
• 12 to 16-year-olds
• Adult entries

Entries by 7 to 11-year-olds
Beach by Alice
Destiny by Amina
Happiness by Amy
Death by Anisah and Nadia
Tiger by Charlotte
Shark by Chris
Night by Daniel
Happiness & other writing by Darnell
Death by David
A Dog Called Shaggs by Rebecca Dunk
Life & other writing by Elliott
Snow Owl & other writing by Emma
A Soldier in the Etaples’ War Cemetery by Bethany Ferguson
Hate by Fred
Caesars invasion & other writing by Soryah Haggarty
Teachers' Pets by Hannah
Teachers' Pets by Jack
Jealousy by Jodi
Death & other writing by Josh
Monkey by Joshua
Lion's Lunch by Joshua K
Anger by Kane
Seasons & other writing by Emily Kennedy
Visit to Saturn by Kyle
Happiness & other writing by Laura
Anger by Liban
Treasured Memories & other writing by Katy Lynock
Fruit by Mollie
Ladybird's Journey by Nathan
The Romans Invade & other writing by Annabel Plumeridge
Dead Tired by Kate Ryrie
Happiness by Razziq
Disease & other writing by Reece
Friends by Helena Roots
Animal Colours by Rosie
The Beautiful Game by Ryan
Happiness by Ryan R
Death by Sam
My Favourite Colours by Samantha
Shark by Scott
Jealousy by Shauna
Scorpion by Sheuly
Don't by Stephanie
Destiny by Tahrima
Hope & other writing by Victoria
Misty In The Bog by Megan Williams
Mr Googly Eyes by Yasmin and Lowry
Entries by 12 to 16-year-olds
I The Queen by Buliswa
I See Teardrops by Gabrielle Clarke
I Have A Dream & other writing by Elise Downing
Big Blue Riding Hood by Thomas Jordan
A History Of The Children Revolution by Thomas Jordan
The Road Trip by Thomas Jordan
Once Upon A Time by Antonia Kerle
Faiths by Katy MacLean
The Last Breath by Danielle MacLeod
Questions by Natalie Musson
Fly Away by Natalie
Alone by Nardeen Némat
Always The Witch by Nardeen Némat
Hail Storm by Vinay Saunders
Of Marmalade Dances by Patricia Scurfield
The White Chalk Sonnet by Patricia Scurfield
Not Your Generation by Patricia Scurfield
A Day In The Park by Patricia Scurfield
Girl In My Class by Ben Smith
Blood Stains by Vicky Stuart
A Thousand Tears by Caz Toone
Secrets & other writing by Kayleigh Warnes
Adult entries
Blurred by Ijasan Adelehin
The Last Meal by Ijasan Adelehin
Zhujimantu – A Cyclone In Madagascar by Ijasan Adelehin
Farewell Poem & other writing by Dominic Allard
Deep Thought & other writing by Ash Arcadian
Segrada Familia & other writing by Vanesa Baggott
Lethe by M Baker
Letter To The Queen by Willard Baker Jr
Guilt by Sarah Barrow
For The Sake Of Security by Sarah Barrow
Garden Plants by Christopher Bates
The Ghost Of Gimmersnidge Hall by Emma Bebbington
Walking For A Change by Chris Belson
I Journeyed Slowly In The Cloud by Grahame Blanchard
Parrallel Lives? by Graham Blanchard
Hero to Zero by Philip Bolton
Beautiful But Deadly by Philip Bolton
Gone For A Minute by Vicky Boulton
Let's Pair Up by Jane Bridgebain
The Red Room by Ross Brookes
Friday Night Delight by Joyce Buksh
Showery Performance by Joyce Buksh
Sex And Politics & other writing by E Lilian Butler
Curried Rice by E Butler
A Piece Of Cake by E Butler
The Ramblings of Hubert James of Finedon by Adrian Cale
Northamptonshire Write '04 by Susan Callaghan
Here And Now & other writing by Tahnee Campbell
Clare's Ghost & other writing by John Casson
The Blue Tangerine by Lynne Collier
Last Time I Saw You by Pauline Conway
A Brace Of Strong Women & other writing by Caroline Cook
The Dead Are Just Dreaming by Ryan Costello
Tear Stained & other writing by Laura Cunningham
Life Is A Stage by Tom Dade
A Sure Thing by Kay Devenish
An Open Meadow by David Donaghue
Water Baby by Linda Downing
Cinderella And the Toad Prince by Linda Downing
Calum by J Drew
Legacy & other writing by Dawn Dunkley
Sunshine Tomorrow by Dawn Dunkley
Same Kalibre by Jacqueline Ekwalla
Rain Stopped Play by Eunice Ellis
Moving On by Marie Engley
Landing The Impossible by Alex Fox
The Time Of Our Singing by Alex Fox
Pocket, Mummy by Alex Fox
Old Chum, Sour Cream by Alex Fox
Verdigris over Atlantis by Alex Fox
Prayer by Mark Fyfe
Genetically Muddle' I' Field by David Garrett
If I Was A Strawberry & other writing by Jason Gillingham
In Your Eyes & other writing by Andrew S Green
Precious Times by Kirstine Hallett
My Dad's A Housewife by Richard Hallows
Tamba & other writing by Nick Hamlyn
Only Fools & Mental Health Service Users by L Hart & S Johnson
Grey Panthers At The Post Office by Barbara Hawthorne
Top Girl by Jean M Hayward
The Deal by Jake Headland
Jade by Madeleine Heaney
The Supremacy Of Man by Richard Heath
Poppy Love by Christine Hipwell
The Eighteenth Year of Innocence by Colette Holden
Animating The Mannequins by Rebecca Holder
Come Visit My World by Simon Holder
The Review by Simon Holder
Galera Point & other writing by Jannine T Horsford
They Have The Wind Up Them Now by Beverly Houser
The Box by Mary Howlader
Emergency Meeting of the BWI by Peter Isgar
Signed And Delivered by Tina Jay
Birthday Wish by Lis Johnson
Whistling Walt by Jeanette Jordan
Major Ray's Estate by Jeanette Jordan
The Knock From Nowhere by Amie Kendall
Dancing With Madness by James Kennett
Fragmentation by James Kennett
The Grass Always Grows Back Again by James Kennett
You Never Judged A Book By Its Cover by James Kennett
The Reunion by Rene King
Blue by Sian Lambert
Short Story by Martin Leach
Shuttle Disaster by Martin Leach
Don Quixote by Stefan Lewis-Fish
Tears Of God & other writing by Stefan Lewis-Fish
The First World War & other writing by John Lock
Margery, Me And Dudley-On-Sea by Lynn Ludditt
Birthday Boy by Dominic Luke
Doubting Thomas by Dominic Luke
Killing Lalage by Dominic Luke
Pacific Spindrift & other writing by Matthew Luxford
Is This Love? & other writing by Brian M
The Tramp by Joan McEvoy
Too Soon by Helen McKinlay
Friend by Ashley Morley
Culinary Crisis by Judith Morris
Love, Life And That Little Bit Extra by Sarah Nagra
Werran-confusion by Naza
The Arm by Lorna Stroup Nilsson
Up The Wall by Peter Norris
The 4 Substances (Water, Earth, Fire, Air) by Hanna Olenius
Love and Parting by Jefferson Otabor
The Sad Little Pram & other writing by Brenda Panter
A Devious Little Madam by Derek Parkes
Memorial Day by Mair Lynne Patchett
Lady Nature by Anthony Plakias
Square Dancing by Anthony Plakias
Junkie - an exercise in prose by Christie Poots
A Poem To My Brother by Christie Poots
Gothic Poem by Christie Poots
Lonely In Crowded Places by Wayde Rathbone
Thomas Cooper & other writing by Janet Reedman
A DIY Cautionary Tale by Ian Rees
Sympathy For The Vampire by Richard Ridley
Rosie Krantz and Gilbert Stern Are Dead by Richard Ridley
Jimmy The Guesser by Richard Ridley
Creatures Of The Night by Puja Rishiraj
Journey Of A Lifetime & other writing by Estelle Rose
When Days Pass By by Sabina
Tirade Of A Man & other writing by Corinne Salisbury
An Ox For Three Days Pay by Roger Sawtell
Emotion Ocean by Hilary Scott
Being Wise by Peter Schofield
Elephant-Headed-God By Ashoka Sen
Johnny Goes Home by Peter Shuttleworth
You & other writing by Abigail Simpkins
I Said No & other writing by Abigail Simpkins
The Last Battle by Amanda Skipworth
God's Creation & other writing by Pauline Skipworth
A Night At The 'Temp' by Liam Smith
A Vision Of Clara by Liam Smith
Don't Do This To Me & other writing by Paul Smith
Echoes of Hard Time by Gbenga Somotun
Down Like Thunder & other writing by Michael Spittles
It's All That Happens by Nisheeth Srivastava
Bailey by Hannah Steele
Anger by Darren Stevens
Like A Writer Needs A Lyric by Darren Stevens
Making A Difference by Darren Stevens
The Lonely by Carol Stirmey
Mrs Wellbeloved by Sarah Stringer
Lost In Love by Katie Taylor
Bathroom Light by Colin Toal
D'oh! & other writing by Stuart Trevallion
The Postcard by Wendy Turner
Country Parks Are A Great Idea But... by Wendy Turner
W'at A T'do by J E Tyler
Infliction & other writing by Geoff Tims
Lead Me Back Home by Matthew Viner
Donor Session by Ruth Walters
Accidental Intervention by Martin J Wilkinson
The Dreamer & other writing by Don Williams
Young Love by Paula Wilson
Rant by Ali Yildirim
Dad by Zoe
The Other Side by Hans Zwetsloot
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