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29 October 2014

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Updated: June 2004
Dad Dancing
Northampton dad Tony AylottWho's the grooviest on the dance floor? Who's got the hottest moves? Whose hips gyrate with the grace of an over-excited baboon?

It's your old man - that's who!

To mark Father's Day, we celebrate our dancing dads!
National Dad Dancing Championships

The first National Dad Dancing Championships were held in Northampton's Grosvenor Centre on Saturday, 19 June, 2004. Andrew Percival from Northamptonshire, who danced with his son, was crowned the winner after a hard-fought contest.

• See a photo gallery of the Championships
• Watch the BBC Look East report on the championships
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Dads are admired for more than their dextrous use of a lawn mower. The pinnacle of their powers can be witnessed on the dance floor.

We've been onto the streets of Northampton to put local dads through their paces. If you really want to dance like a dad, study these classic moves.

Just click on the pictures below to watch video of the experts in action. Strictly Come Dancing has nothing on this!

Thanks to all the dads who've strutted their stuff for us. They're real stars for showing the world what they can do.

The Hover Mower
Jason Laws

Jason Laws from Chelveston demonstrates this well-practiced move. Imagine you're swinging a lawn mower back and forth. Don't forget the foot action - choose between kicking the cable or the cat out of the way.

Video availableWatch the hover mower in action
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Squirty Dancing
Peter Hughes

Agile dad Peter Hughes, from Thorplands in Northampton, is here demonstrating squirty dancing, otherwise known as leak plugging. This is a favourite of plumbers. Arm and leg movements reach out for imaginary water leaks.

Video availableWatch Squirty Dancing in action
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The Four Left Feet
Tony Bannard & Raymond Wake from Northampton

Tony Bannard & Raymond Wake from Northampton demonstrate this common wedding waltz. It's essential that dad dances with dad. How everyone will laugh.

Video availableWatch The Four Left Feet in action
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The Huggy Bear
Tony Aylott

Northampton's Tony Aylott is a fine exponent of this popular move. Think stuffed toy; think teddy bear. Make sure there's not too much horizontal movement in the body. With a bit of practice, you too could achieve this dance. (Oh yes, everyone will want to cuddle you too).

Video availableWatch The Huggy Bear in action
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The Barman
Eamonn Fitzpatrick

A favourite of the reluctant dancer, the Barman style is demonstrated here by Eamonn Fitzpatrick from Northampton. Move your arms up and down as if you're pulling pints - and keep looking around at the customers (or to make sure no one is seeing you dance).

Video availableWatch The Barman in action
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Send us photos or DV video of your own classic dad dances. Email us at
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• National Dad Dancing Championships photo gallery



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