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24 September 2014

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Friday, 12th March, 2004
Marc Warren
A snowy street   Northampton born actor Marc Warren has seen his career go from strength to strength. But that's not always been the case!

Marc Warren is possibly the most famous face from Northampton currently on our TV screens.

As a major lead character in the new major BBC1 primetime drama Hustle, Marc not only graced our TV screens, but the publicity surrounding the show hit overdrive.

"It's a long struggle being an actor, I don't know if I'd ever recommend it to anybody!"
- Marc on acting

Posters and 20ft billboards were everywhere, with Marc's face adorning them.

"It's strange" says Marc. "I'm sad they're down now. The first time I saw it I was in London and I was just going to Argos to buy something for my computer and there it was (a giant 20ft billboard poster). It is great, it's lovely.

But success hasn't always been there. Marc was born in 1967 and spent his early years living in Kingsthorpe, Northampton.

"I went to Northampton College of Further Education. I left there - when I was 16 I left Kingsthorpe Upper - and I went and did a diploma in performing arts so it was my start in the training process to becoming an actor.

"It's taken a long time to get there. I left (college) in '85 and we're in 2004 now. It's been a long road. A bit of success has only really come to me in the past four years.

"It's a long struggle being an actor, I don't know if I'd ever recommend it to anybody!

"I went into college with all those dreams and I have to say those dreams got shattered but I'm starting to get them back a bit now. It's funny, 20 years later and I'm starting to get the fire back."

Marc's film credits
Marc (right)
2004 - Principles Of Lust
(above, Marc on right)
2003 - Revengers Tradgedy
2002 - Capone's Boys
1996 - Hidden In Slience
1995 - Boston Kickout

Forthcoming projects
The Yank - with Elijah Wood
Colour Me Kubrick - With John Malkovich

That recent success includes the release of a new film, The Principles Of Lust, and another movie role alongside John Malkovich in Colour Me Kubrick, which also features Jim Davidson.

On Principles Of Lust: "It's very hard to sell. It's naughty. All the naughty stuff that's in me is in it."

And it looks like the roles aren't set to dry up yet either.

"I just got a job in a film called The Yank with Elijah Wood and it's about football hooligans. I'm a guy who's called Steve who was the head of a gang but is now reformed."

Marc now lives in Finchley in London but regularly returns home to see his family and friends.

"All my family are in Northampton. I like to come back as much as I can, particularly I like to keep in touch with the family when shows are on and stuff because it keeps you very grounded."

"I've not had that much success so there's not that much to change."

But Marc has become a local celebrity and has gained recognition and support from many people within the town.

"I appreciate that support, it's very touching."

Hustle has brought Marc to the fore of television acting. But it's by far not his only role on the small screen.

He first appeared in Grange Hill and has since had progressively larger parts in series over recent years.

Marc's TV credits
The cast of  Hustle

Hustle (Danny Blue)
Marc (above, second right) with the cast of BBC1's Hustle

State of Play
(Dominic Foy)

Band Of Brothers
(Pvt. Albert Blithe)

Clocking Off
(Jason Woods)

The Vice
(P.C. Dougie Raymond)

- Oliver Twist
- The Bill
- Heartbeat
- Casualty
A Touch Of Frost
- Big Bad World
- Poirot
- Black Cab
- The Bombmaker
- Men Only

On Hustle Marc found the filming demanding and the change in role a challenge.

"We shot for about 15 weeks in the most gruelling schedule I've ever done, six day weeks, 13-14 hour days."

"I wanted to get away from (playing dark characters) because I'm sick of playing nutters. I think it's because of my eyes you know, I look a bit spooky!"

Hustle has been getting around the seven million viewers mark, impressive but could it be better?

"It's tough when it's up against Champions League football on the other side, but Manchester United are out now so we might get a few more!"

Marc has played a variety of characters and roles, including getting his kit off in front of the cameras.

"I stared doing nude scenes in The Vice. It's amazing you meet these girls at breakfast and the next thing you're naked in bed next to them by lunchtime.

"I was going to say it's hard, but I'll say it's tough. I just look at it that it's just a job."


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