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13 November 2014

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The Nairobi Botanic Gardens

Nairobi Botanic Gardens

Johnnie Amos searches for the green haven of a Kenyan City.

The origins of the Nairobi Botanic Gardens is on the scale of many throughout the Commonwealth. It is relatively new in comparison because the whole region of Africa was known as British East Africa, it is designated into specific parts and as a result the Botanic Gardens of British East Africa were situated in present day Uganda which is still survives today.

The Nairobi Botanic Gardens

Inside the Nairobi Botanic Gardens

As a consequence, when Independence came for much of British East Africa, it left many of the newly independent Countries without their own National Botanic Garden, Kenya amongst them!

In 1995 a team of consultants from Kew, Botanists from the East African Herbarium and the staff from the Nairobi National Museum established a 5.3 hectare plot with an extra 1.75 hectare only 1.5 km from the city centre.

From the outset it has stuck to its remit, which is to make sure the Botanic gardens reflect those criteria that all other international Botanic Gardens, that is for Education, public recreation, conservation and research and it is through this garden that the National Museums of Kenya will continue to nurture and treasure their natural heritage.

With 17 themes throughout the Gardens, 600 indigenous and 80 exotic plant species, this sets the scene for nature’s most original, authentic and inspiring design.

In January 2008, Johnnie Amos caught up with Curator Agnes Lusweti who talked the progress of this 'green haven' in what has become a sprawling Kenyan City:

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You are in: Northamptonshire > Nature > Nature Features > Nairobi Botanic Gardens

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