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29 October 2014

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Mullberry by Emma Thompson.

Mullberry by Emma Thompson.

Surface, Steel, Self

Three local artists have joined forces to exhibit their work at a gallery in Kettering.

Although from different artistic backgrounds, Sharon, Angie and Emma have amalgamated their work for an exhibition of 2D and 3D affordable art.

 “Our work sits well together and I feel very strongly that the divide between artistic disciplines needs to be broken down. The snobbery within the Fine Art world is distasteful and has a distinct Emperor’s New Clothes feeling. I feel that this often unspoken division creates barriers in a place where artistic expression should be as varied as the people viewing the work.” says Angie .

The three believe that Fine Art, Artistic Design and Craft should be exhibited alongside each other and thereby allowing any viewer to have an increased probability of finding work that speaks to them.

All three artists have one of the 26 studios at Barton Seagrave Hall, Kettering.

Drum by Angie Snelling.

Drum by Angie Snelling

Angie Snelling

Angie is from a Fine Art background and uses steel, lead, silk and paper within her work. She manipulates, changes and combines the materials to investigate the relationships between them. By cutting and piercing, Angie creates art that examines and questions the qualities of strength and fragility. Communication is at the core of her work and the physical transcribing of text frequently features, either as a positive or negative presence.

Emma Thompson

Emma also has an artistic Interior Design background, uses oil based paints to create fascinating surfaces, her use of colour emphasises tension between the paints. Emma incorporates various sizes of mirrors, not just as everyday objects of vanity, but to give the viewer a sense of participation within the work.

Pattern with Shadow by Sharon Read.

Pattern with Shadow by Sharon Read

Sharon Read

Sharon has an artistic background in Interior Design and is interested in creating surface texture inspired by nature. Light plays around her manipulated canvases in a constantly changing mood, creating cusps of purity contrasting with depths of shadow. Sharon’s work also crosses over into ceramics where she continues with her natural theme. This exhibition introduces her work with the Fibonacci series, delicately executed in pure monochrome minimalism in modular form. A selection of individual art pieces can be combined and rearranged resulting in personal rearrange-able art work.

The exhibition is between Saturday April 5th to Sunday April 13th 2008, 11:00am – 16:00pm

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You are in: Northamptonshire > Entertainment > Film & Arts > Film & Arts Features > Surface, Steel, Self

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