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24 September 2014

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Wind turbine

Turbine Tales

Northants youngsters are making a film about the places they live. Here they write about a local landmark.

The Arts Meets Environment (AMEF) project focused on the wind turbines at Burton Wold, near Kettering.

The 10 turbines have been given names by local school children:
• Turbinicious
• Propellorina
• Blade
• Angels Wings
• Whirling Wizzard
• Threevolution
• Swirly
• Burton Flyer
• Lattie Mills
• Powermate

Below, some of the young people write about the AMEF project. See their pictures by going to our photo gallery.

Nikki Dawson


From the undertone of the carriageway
That's heard throughout the town
To the babbling of the River Nene
Cascading water down

Child's play in the peace park
On the climbing frame and slide,
Fisherman down the gravel pits
By the fields so open wide

With its bull rings and its castle mound
There's history to uncover
The 16th Century buildings
All next to one another

The classical constructions
From the eras gone before
Work in harmony with the new estates
As the community grows ever more

Thrapston is so many things
So far to go and roam,
But most of all this market town
Is the place that I call home.

Wind turnine

One idea for a turbine at Burton Wold

Tim Edwards

This season's AMEF multi-media project was one that we could all relate too.
We travelled to our home towns and villages on a journey of discovery to learn the secrets of our Shire.

We travelled far and near, to raging rivers and twirling turbines to film what has never been filmed before, to show the County what it has and find ourselves on a journey to the heart and soul of Northamptonshire.

Emma Dawson

Turbine poem

Majestic monsters, whirling wizards,
Protrude the landscape, soaring tall,
Blades and swirls and angel's wings,
A rush of wind, they rise and fall.

Mighty metal, whispering wonders,
Harnessing force with elegance,
Giant beacons, performers of
A rhytmic, hypnotic, ritual dance.

Burton Wold wind farm

Storm Phillips

It is a really good experience. It opens your eyes to the possibilities of using new technology, chat to newly made friends and learn at the same time.

I mean before this I didn't really like cameras but through coming here I really like them.

Tom Kempson

Tried to do a poem about wind and such here goes:

Metallic menace at first sight,
Look closer at it,
Surely you see more,
I mean apart from energy saving,
A lot more can be seen through this metallic door,
Beauty up close or far away,
Always standing prominent,
To reassure sceptics along the way,
So reconsider,
When examining one of these,
Perhaps if you get down,
Right down on your knees,
You'll be able to see up close,
One would hope,
And admire the wind like an open sea.

Morgan Phillips

I think the programme is really good because it teaches us some things about all sorts like drawing, photography and music.

I have become more interested in cameras and technology so it's an experience I can use all over the place.

I've learned to be more social able, and by doing this I've just had a laugh!   

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You are in: Northamptonshire > Entertainment > Film & Arts > Film & Arts Features > Turbine Tales

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