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29 October 2014

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The Weekender Sounds

New Cassettes

On tour with... New Cassettes

It's their most extensive tour to date, so Griff hopped aboard the bus with New Cassettes for a day to see what happened. He made it back and here's his tale.

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13:00hrs: The rendezvous point is The Soundhaus. The bus is here, the driver and roadie Jonny is here, I'm here, and the band.... well they eventually arrive after getting supplies, reading material and sorting their hair.

14:00hrs: The bus chugs its way along the M1 & M6 heading to Wolverhampton. The band tonight plays the Little Civic; all are in high spirits.

Owen's in the front keeping Jonny company and Dan's in the back with Katie. Tommy's fixed to his games console, Tom's worrying about an impending solo gig and Nik's smoking another cigarette.

15:45hrs: After a slight detour around the town centre, we've just pulled up outside the venue. Time to unload.

16:15hrs: The band can't start sound-checking until 5pm, so we take a trip into town for a quick look around the shops. It's funny how every shopping centre looks the same...

New Cassettes

17:00hrs: The guys head back to the Little Civic and start sound-checking. They run through a couple of songs, including a new one I've not heard before. Sounds good.

17:45hrs: Sound-check over, there's now a bit of waiting to do. They're not due on-stage until 9:45pm. We head up to the dressing room to hang out. Nik's playing some guitar, Owen's reading a book, Tommy's on his games console and Tom's going through some more songs. The clock ticks...

18:30hrs: We head next-door to a coffee bar. The drinks are cold when they eventually arrive, hhmm.

19:30hrs: Hunger kicks in and we head in search off food, drink and cigarettes. Owen, Dan, Katie and I end up in a pizza place. It's buy-one-get-one-free; bargin.

20:00hrs: With food in hand we return to the venue. Mine's covered in garlic and I've stunk the dressing room out. Sorry guys!

20:30hrs: The support bands are on. Some of the guys go down to watch. The bass rumbles through the floor-boards as the rest of us talk.

21:00hrs: We all go and check out the final support band. They're really impressive. Tom & Nik chat to some fans who've travelled to see them play.

21:30hrs: The band start to set their kit up onstage. Their set is only moments away but none of them appear to be nervous.

21:50hrs: They take to the stage and start off the set with Lighthouse. It sounds great.

22:20hrs: The set's over and for the few people who are there, it's gone down really well. Some of their fans come over for a chat.

22:45hrs: Time to pack the kit up.

23:15hrs: The van's packed again and the band fancy a beer. We all go in search of somewhere with that's open with a pool table.

23:45hrs: Back at the van we all head home... The streets of Wolverhampton are empty and it's raining.

00:30hrs: The motorway's empty as we chug home again. Captain's album is blasting out the radio. Tom's in the back having a sleep, the rest of the guys are chatting.

02:00hrs: We arrive back at The Soundhaus. The kits gets unpacked into the venue for another rehearsal tomorrow.

02:10hrs: The band head off home to bed... the tour rumbles on later in the week.

last updated: 16/10/06
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