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29 October 2014

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Blue Monday (c) Spencer Graham
Another member of the Blue Monday club

The Blue Monday Owners' Club

By Iain Griffin
Rarely does an email come along that makes you jump out of your seat with excitement. But Subject: Blue Monday Owners' Club was enough to raise an eyebrow, and once read, tell all about this quirky art project.

Blue Monday facts

New Order released Blue Monday in March 1983
It is the biggest selling 12" single of all time
The colours down the right-hand side are a code that spells out the title of the record

The brainchild of art & design lecturer Spencer Graham, The Blue Monday Owners' Club is a gem of an art project.

Ridiculously quirky and absolutely pointless, it’s the sort of thing you want to tell everyone about once you’ve worked out.

New Order’s 1983 single, Blue Monday remains the highest selling 12” single of all time. Catalogue No. FAC 73 was the original pressing but many re-releases and additional pressings have followed. But it’s the original version that Spencer’s gone all ‘trainspotter’ over.

In da club

New Order - Blue Monday
The original FAC 73 copy of Blue Monday

The Blue Monday Owners' Club is free to join, requires no paper work and there are no quarterly meetings at the local community centre.

It’s more of an appreciation society for the same piece of vinyl. Spencer’s trying to track down as many owners as possible to add them to the list of ‘members’.

"It's free to join, requires no paper work and there are no quarterly meetings at the local community centre"
The Blue Monday Owners' Club

You, plus your vinyl will be snapped by Spencer, or you can submit your own photo if you have one, to build up the collection being posted on his website.

It’s an evolving piece of artwork that will hopefully feature as many people as possible. With the ability to adapt into all sorts of ways Spencer’s already considering and ex-owners' club after a friend can’t join after losing his copy!

Plans are also in place to host a gallery if the response is big enough and possibly followed by a book of all the photos plus comments by Spencer and other fans.

The website went online earlier this year and currently displays all of the photos. This will develop as more owners approach him with their records.

Limited edition

Despite Blue Monday being the biggest selling 12” single of all time, there are many different versions of the single.

Spencer himself owns five different copies of the release, some of which are later re-issues of pressings.

Friends have comically dubbed Spencer’s collection as the Blue Monday Rescue Club because he owns so many copies.

If you would like to be a part of Spencer’s Blue Monday Owners' Club, log onto his website where all the information is displayed on how you can get involved.

last updated: 30/03/06
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Matthew Hamilton
i am a proud owner of an original pressing of blue monday,i think this is possibly one of the best if not the best tune of the 80s its release marks the year in which i was born,i stumbled accross this record when a friend gave away his record collection to another friend, i frantically rushed through the collection in the hope that it would be there to my surprise i found i hid it so no one could take it from me.the record now rests with my collection of 200 or so vinyls and is always a favorable track when i play a set. The intro is enough to get anyone in the mood and relive the classic beat style of the 80s. i mix modern music such as progressive house the combination of this with 80s dance creates a unique sound.i am currently trying to find a tune that will mix perfectly into the drum loop of B,M and have had many successful attempts.while studying art at kettering institute i went on a trip to london taking photos with a 35mm as the journey progressed, at the time i didnt know how to rewind the film so i asked spencer, when i opened the camera the film wasnt fully rewound exposing it to the surrounding light.when i had the film developed a frame was missing so developed the frame myself,the light exposure made the image turn blue from this photo i did a painterly version and later named it 'blue monday 'as a way of showing my respect for someone who has been a greate influence to my art work and as a token of my appreciation i will produce a record sleeve with this image on but i will only produce two copies, one for myself and the other for spencer this will be done shortly along with myself holding the record in front of the painting, see ya my blue mundane monday maniacs

Mike Bugeja
Hi there! I have a copy down here in sunny old Malta...

Andreas Kosch
Hey, will you take submission from outside of the UK? I live in Hamburg, and have a copy... Andreas

Corporeal Clegg
Is that your hobby, then?

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