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24 September 2014

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Chrsitmas 2003
Hangover cures

Image of a pint of lager and a glass of wineIt’s Christmas and we all know what that means! Alcohol, and lots of it.

Yes presents, turkey and plenty of family parties are also involved, but for many, glasses of the hard stuff will be flowing as well.

So how do you go about avoiding a mouth that tastes like a sewer and a head that pounds like a jack-hammer?

We have compiled a list of known remedies, some work well, some work well for a while and some are just old wives tales. Which is which, is all a matter of opinion. All we'll do is advise you with some words of wisdom.


Plate of foodEat before your drink

A good meal before you knock back the drink is a good idea. Of course, being Christmas, that’s bound to happen! The food (probably mainly turkey!) in your stomach will soak up the alcohol and prevent it from getting straight into your blood stream.

A glass of waterWater, Water, Water

It’s commonly known that alcohol dehydrates the body. You’ll need to recreate the binge session over your sink, downing as many glasses of the clear stuff as you did the night before.

Drink expensive booze

For one, cheap drink contains more chemicals than the more expensive stuff. This has a greater effect on the body, causing you to become drunker more quickly. This maybe good at the time, but it'll come back to haunt you in a few hours. For another, you can buy less for your money, meaning you can drink fewer glasses!


Man sleepingExtra sleep

Lets face it, being asleep with a banging hangover is far better than being awake. Need any more of a reason.

Drink slowly

Taking your time to knock it back means your body can handle the effect easier. Throwing it down your neck just overloads your system, giving it to much to do all at once.


Sugar ShakerA Sugar hit

Eating something sweet helps break down the alcohol in your body. A chocolate bar not only tastes great, but helps make your hangover disappear!

Hair of The Dog

Pouring another glass of your poison will help cure you initial ills, but they’ll return just as soon as the effects wear off. It's probably not the best way to sober up either!


A cup of coffeeLarge, black coffee

A caffeine hit has the same affect as drinking more alcohol. This dehydrates the body, so whilst you may feel good for a while, your headache will only return with vengeance an hour or so later.

A glass of fruit juiceFruit juice

Not only does it taste better than tap water, but fruit juice contains vital vitamins your body needs to combat the internal effects of alcohol.

So, there you have it. A list of remedies supposedly able to cure your worst hangover pains. But do they work? Have you another sound idea that you would like included? Let us know using the form below and we'll add all the suggestions to a page over the next few weeks.

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