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24 September 2014

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You are in: Northamptonshire » A Sense Of Place

East Carlton Country Park
East Carlton Country Park This popular country park to the west of Corby has a number of visitor attractions.

Places to visit

Corby Borough Council

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Signposted from the A427, to the west of Corby.

Streetmap / Multimap
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Map of the county showing East Carlton Country Park

On the edge of the Welland Valley is East Carlton Country Park.

Walk through the woods and grassland and watch the local wildlife.

An old coach house and stables has been converted into a Heritage Centre. It has displays showing the history of Corby and the town's iron and steel industry.

There are also craft workshops, a children's playground and a café.

Send us a review of East Carlton Country Park using the form at the foot of this page.

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i have visited east carlton for many years,from when i was a child to now having children of my own. great day out for the kids,or just quiet walk with the dog when kids are at school. love the heritage dolls house shop,just bought my first dolls house,so will be visiting alot more in the future.

Carole and John
Just discovered East Carlton Park after living in Leicester for two years! Beautiful park,lovely trees and plants, fantastic views and cafe, craft shops and (clean!) toilets. Good childrens play area. Great place for family day out and free too.

You can really see the influence of Austin Productions old sculptures in the Simms Amu Sculptures.....Austins has shut down.(old Corby factory), where they used to work.

I do like taking my children to east carlton but its a shame the toilets close early!! And on special events its not very well advertised.

Alan Gudge
The park and the walks are beautiful and the many benches are very welcome for a disabled person like myself. However the Heritage Centre is tatty and not at all well looked after. Corby was in the past one of the most important iron and steel manufacturing towns in the UK and this is just not reflected in the tawdry exhibits on show. Come on Corby D.C. do better than this

As a scooter user east carlton park pathways are now becoming disable friendly may it continue to add more so one day we can see all of the park keep up the great work

Pip dawg
I am a bouncy springer spaniel and come here most days. I love this park. My owners think it is wonderful too. All of you lot who think it is boring are mad! Its free and a fun day out. If its is too boring then why dont you volunteer your help to make it better. Go on put your money where your mouth is!

Lilian, Leics.
We regularly visit the park with our puppy and it is a beautiful wood and lake to walk along. There are numerous dog bins in the wood (which we use) and most people with dogs respect the place.Decent play area available for children.

Lauren, east carlton
i have lived here for the last 14 years and to hear people say it is boring and nothing to do, well all i can say is that you dont appreichiate it because u r prob used to chav sitting in bus shelters dirnking cider. if u find it boring then u have no imagination and i feel sorry for you. bless you obviously not used to seeing real beauty.

jodine simpson
i think it was good but i think it should be in CORBY

sam lyman
Very nice day out , it is stunning what the english countryside can look like when looked after as well as this one. i also took some gardening tips away from a keen gardener paul cross

love east carlton park for a picnic in the summer or a nice walk in the winter. The kids love it. The only down side is that certain staff in your cafe can be rather unfriendly and rude and I have experienced this more than once.

paul cross
Exeptional day out, i am a keen gardener and i was taken back by the amount of shades of green there were. truly inspirational.

Very nice, I like

What a great place to visit, its lovely and relaxing. The kids think its great running and climbing in the woods and seeing all the wildlife. Its great to have a nice walk or to chill out and enjoy the beautiful view.

Its a lovely small country park for walks and for a bit of chill. All those saying its boring, probably cannot appeciate a lot of natural beauty and freshing breeze in the park. At least its not a fun park. I would love here again. At least there is something near Corby.

Really like the park and think it is a peaceful place to take your children but beware of all the dog muck that people do not pick up if you stray off the path.

good for a nice evening walk through the woods.not many country parks are so well kept and free !

A excellent ceramic workshop located in the heritage centre called 'Rainbow Crafts'. Great for children of all ages to paint their own ceramic peice, on saturday mornings. Also Adults painting classes on monday afternoon and evenings, a great place to meet new friends !!!

john ,corby
peacefull and sceneic.very relaxing place to from hoodies and cheap gimicks.those who think its boring should go back to hanging round their local shops bugging people to buy them fags and swally.

wickstead is better but east carlton is suitable for certain people and certain age groups if i enjoyed what east carlton had to offer i would love it. its lovely and peaceful could be more exciting and worth while more things to do!

Fantastic for walks and fresh air. The play area is a little small, and not a lot to play on for age 8+. Staff in the cafe really friendly, and regarding comments re the toilets, I have never seen them in anything but a clean condition.

worst place ever dont go there nothin to do all boring

Its a really nice place to just go for a walk, and sit and chill out! If the weather is nice!! :-)

i think the park is fab and what more can you ask for its all free which makes a differnce as when you got 3 children days out can be expensive so its well worth a visit

Patrick and Mary
What a beautifull park and a lovely setting to spend a few hours.Mary was so excited when she realised there was a wonderful Dolls House Shop there as well. I would like to recommend to all fellow dolls house owners that it really is an alladins cave, oh and the two ladies were very nice as well.

very good place tolets need a good clean but apart from that really good

sarah and neo
we think that east carlton park is a great day out.we came recently with a bunch of friends its great. u should do more questionares asking people what they would like. u cud have bumper cars on the lake and you could do haunted talk walks,, buy for now, toodle pips.

DoE participant
very beautiful place, but disgusting toliets!!

I lived in East Carlton For 7 years and still have not discovered it all as there is so much to do!!!

i just went to a charity fundraiser that took in east carlton park, it was a great place to hold such an event and had many things to do in it especially for children

Beautiful place, if only the weather would oblige.


Muriel Sims
My husband and i also have a workshop at east carlton park we are called Amu Sculpture we make Motorbike Sculpture and Candles well worth a visit.

Ann Wells, East Carlton
I thought you might be interested to know. I have just opened a new shop at East Carlton Park, in one of the craft units. The name of the shop is HERITAGE DOLLS HOUSES, as you might guess from the name I sell dolls houses and all the accessories. There are also other craft shops selling ceramics, woodwork, sculpters, flowers and a working forge. We are open every day and well worth a visit.


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